In the Heart of Ginza: Itoya’s “Vegetable Factory”



A stationary shop with new ideas; “Itoya”

In Tokyo, there are few who haven’t heard the name “Itoya”; a stationary shop with a 112 year history in Ginza. It’s recently been renewed, and it now includes a “vegetable factory”.

Still located at Ginza’s Nichome, it has been remade as a shop that wants customers to spend time there as well as shop. This came about due to Itoyna employees wanting stationary hungry customers to have a place to relax.

The new flagship store has a cafe where people can relax, and a “nomad space”, where people can rent out business spaces with a view of the central street, as part of their new approach.

Among these fresh initiatives, the freshest of all is without a doubt the “Vegetable Factory”.

A vegetable factory on Ginza’s prime real estate

The vegetable factory is on the 11th floor, and finds a new use for the window frames of the store that have overlooked Ginza for 50 years. Anyone who visits the location will easily be able to see that this is prime real estate. The amount of space dedicated to it is remarkable.

The stainless window frames which went unused for so long have now found new life. Through these windows visitors to the shop can see the vegetables being grown before their eyes.

Five types of vegetables are farmed; Arugula, Kale, Mustard Spinach, Lettuce Frills, and mint.

All of the growing is managed by Itoya employees, and harvested after 40 days of hydroponic cultivation. Everything has been designed to allow cultivation in house.

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