The Super Mont Blanc: This Autumn’s Luxury Dessert




Autumn is waguri (Japanese chestnut) season in Japan, and this autumn, Patisserie SATSUKI at the Hotel New Otani’s three locations (Tokyo, Makuhari, Osaka) has a delicious new way to enjoy this seasonal treat: the Super Mont Blanc, available until January 31, 2018.

What makes the Super Mont Blanc special is the care taken on every single layer of the confection to bring out the warm, natural flavor of waguri at its best. Ensuring that each bite would be perfectly balanced in taste and sweetness meant a long process of trial and error, but the results speak for themselves.

The creator of the Super Mont Blanc, grand chef Shinsuke Nakajima, is himself from Ehime prefecture, known for its chestnut orchards. Well acquainted with the nuances of waguri as a flavor, Nakajima was the ideal chef to realize this new way of enjoying it.

The Linzer torte base of mixed cereals is infused with molasses and sprinkled with a moshio seaweed salt accent. The heart of the Super Mont Blanc is a candied waguri in rich roast almond milk cream, while the all-important waguri paste is a mixture of varieties carefully selected to be at their ripest, such as Gin’yose from Mita, Hyogo. To emphasize the natural sweetness of the ingredients, no sugar is added, and the use of cream is also kept to a minimum.

Hidden beneath the waguri is one final twist: kuzumochi red bean jelly, and sweet bean paste mixed with molasses (kuromitsu anko).


With all the care put into each individual layer of the Super Mont Blanc, the result is as delicious as you’d expect. Why not get into the spirit of autumn with this indulgent waguri confection?


Super Mont Blanc
Available from: Patisserie SATSUKI in the Hotel New Otani (Tokyo, Makuhari, Osaka)
Sales period: September 1, 2017–January 31, 2018

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