Hiroko Ishii Reports

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Hiroko Ishii

Hot Spring Beauty Researcher / Travel Journalist

Japan’s only researcher on the beautifying effects of hot springs. A lifelong traveler who spends 200 days a year on the road in Japan and around the world. Writes regular columns for various sites and magazines, and appears on TV and radio. Intrigued by the natural environment of hot spring areas, she gained a qualification in “climatherapy” from Germany. Promotes “Beauty tourism,” a way of beautifying the body and mind through hot springs, water, nature, and food. Using her experience with foreign cosmetics brand marketing and advertising, consults on brand planning and promotion for hot springs. Chosen as Premium Japan’s travel curator. Member of the Japanese Society of Balneology, Climatology and Physical Medicine, the Japanese Society of Hot Spring Sciences, and the Japanese Travel Pen Club.
Website: http://www.onsenbeauty.com