Traditional Ceramic with Modern Design Sensibilities

Old and New in ceramic form



Combining modern aesthetics with traditional techniques

Amabro is a brand that uses 400 year old arita-yaki techniques, and combines them with modern aesthetics.

Photo (above)/NAMASU Tulip Flower ring, materials: ceramic, size: 160mm*47mm, price: 3,800 JPY (Tax Excl.)


Photo (above)MAME Flower indented corner dish, materials: ceramic, size: 85mm*21mm*85mm, price: 1,300 JPY (Tax Excl.) / (Below) MAME Fish shaped fish, materials: ceramic, size: 110mm*20mm*65mm, price: 1,300 JPY (Tax Excl.)

Amabro: Traditional and refined

“Mame” is Japanese for bean, which unsurprisingly is what these “MAME” dishes are made to hold.

rd1700_5.6.7Photo (Above) / (Left)CHOKU Ring, materials: ceramic, size: 80mm*65mm, price: 3,500 JPY (Tax Excl.), (Middle) CHOKU Ink octopus, materials: ceramic, size 80mm*65mm, price: 3,500 JPY (Tax Excl.) / (Right) CHOKU Wisteria, materials: ceramic, size: 80mm*65mm, price: 3,500 JPY (Tax Excl.)

Reprints of patterns from the 17th an 18th century

These pieces recreate 17th and 18th century patterns, and are a must see for ceramic fans.


Murakami Art
Address: Harmony Building Aobadai 4F / 5F, 3-16-8 Aobadai, Meguro-ku