Daffodil Festival Fills Echizen Coast with Sweet Perfume


Blooming Japanese daffodils (suisen) at Echizen Suisen Land

Famed for its jagged cliffs, the Echizen coast of Fukui Prefecture is also known as one of the Three Great Japanese Daffodil Fields, along with Awaji Island in Hyogo and the Boso Peninsula in Chiba. At 60 to 70 hectares, however, Echizen’s fields are the largest of all. “Echizen daffodils,” as the flowers that bloom here in particular are known, are recognized as the Prefectural Flower of Fukui and the Town Flower of Echizencho.

Buffeted by winds off the Sea of Japan as they grow, Echizen daffodils are more compact, fragrant, and long-lasting than other Japanese daffodils. They also have thicker, stronger stems, giving them an elegant, straight-backed air. They do not break even under heavy snow, but spring right back up once the snow melts.

The sweet perfume of Echizen daffodils is particularly strong. In December to January, when they come into bloom and carpet the slopes of the Echizen coastline, the entire area fills with the fragrance carried on the sea winds.

Echizen daffodils in bloom against the sunset

The Daffodil Festival is one of the traditional events held on the Echizen coast. The 43rd Daffodil Festival began on Saturday December 16, 2017, and runs until Monday, January 22, 2018. Local festival attractions and a range of other special events are planned.

Blooming along the coastline despite the cold of winter, the Echizen daffodils are too beautiful to miss. Why not visit this season and see for yourself?


43rd Daffodil Festival
Venue: Echizen coast
Dates: Saturday, December 16, 2017–Monday, January 22, 2018

Main Events:

  • Jan 13–14 (Sat–Sun): Koshino Daffodil Festival (Koshino area, Fukui City)
    Gifts of daffodils, drawings for seafood, and mochi-making (mochitsuki) demonstrations
    (with mochi giveaways!)
  • Jan 19–22 (Fri–Mon): Daffodil Ikebana Exhibition (Fukui Shimbun, Fukui City)
  • Jan 20–21 (Sat–Sun): Aranami (Fierce Waves) Festa (Kawano, Minami-Echizencho)
    Gifts of daffodils, snow crab soup on sale, and drawings for Echizen crab and other prizes

Note: Many other events also planned
The schedule may change without warning, so please confirm in advance.
Contact: +81 (0)778-37-1234(Echizen Coast Tourism Association)