Welcome to the New PREMIUM JAPAN

PREMIUM JAPAN celebrates its second birthday with a new design and exclusive new content! Read the special welcome message from Editor-in-Chief Mio Shimamura.


Founded in 2015 as a portal for premium “made in Japan” products, information, and experiences, in October 2017 PREMIUM JAPAN began its third year with the launch of all-new design and a variety of exclusive new content. Welcome to the new and redesigned PREMIUM JAPAN!


Along with the redesign, PREMIUM JAPAN is proud to announce its new Executive Curator: Mineaki Saito, formerly Vice President at Hermes International in Paris. We are also joined by two new Executive Contributors: fashion journalist Yoshiko Ikoma, formerly Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire Japon, and leading columnist Takanori Nakamura, Japanese Academy Chair for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

New and Exclusive Regular Features

The new PREMIUM JAPAN also boasts several new regular features. Mineaki Saito will contribute regular columns and interviews introducing readers to the kind of premium Japanese experiences that he has come to notice and appreciate looking from Paris, where he has resided for many years. Yoshiko Ikoma and Takanori Nakamura will draw on their rich journalistic experience to share regular reports on little-known premium products and experiences around Japan as well. Other exclusive new content includes the “Local Focus” series, which will showcase fascinating and unique areas around Japan; profiles of Japanese people succeeding in various fields around the world; and interviews with company heads and other key players behind the premium “made in Japan” products and experiences that only PREMIUM JAPAN can bring to the world.


A Message from Mio Shimamura, Editor-in-Chief of PREMIUM JAPAN and Representative Director of Lusso Inc.

It is my great pleasure to welcome all readers to the new PREMIUM JAPAN.

With family members who taught tea ceremony and kimono, I grew up surrounded by Japanese culture. Perhaps because so much of my early career was spent at international companies, however, I always had a tendency to look overseas, not realizing how rich Japan’s own traditions and culture were. I myself am looking forward to this new opportunity to get reacquainted with all that Japan has to offer.

Although Japan is home to a magnificent cultural and artisanal tradition, few media organizations highlight these within Japan, not to mention globally. At PREMIUM JAPAN, we are dedicated to bringing information about Japan’s finest products and experiences to the world. Soon, we will also be launching the PREMIUM JAPAN Awards, gathering information from around the country to celebrate Japanese creators not only in the urban cities but also in regional areas.

Profile: Representative Director, Lusso Inc. After working in an international advertising agency, handled marketing and PR activities for top brands like Walt Disney Parks in the US, Harry Winston, and Tiffany & Co. before founding Lusso in 2013. Engaged as a top brand PR consultant by a range of businesses. Obtained the rights to PREMIUM JAPAN in 2017 and succeeded as Editor-in-Chief to the site.

We believe the “premium,” or the best things in life, have stories within that speak to the heart and resonate with people. Discovering, seeing, touching, using, and thus experiencing such “premium” things brings new inspiration and enriches our daily lives. PREMIUM JAPAN is dedicated to gathering information about the best of Japan in a wide range of fields and bringing it to the world. We look forward to sharing what we find with you!

Premium Japan Editorial Team
October 2017