Sleep With a Samurai (Sort of): SAMURAIS HOSTEL ikebukuro

A hostel made using the concepts of Art, Samurai and Ninja



This unique hostel in Ikebukuro takes the concepts of “Samurai x Ninja x Art”, and fuses them to create the “SAMURAIS HOSTEL ikebukuro”.


The front desk on the first floor has real armour by it! For a fee you can even wear it, and get your photo taken inside the hostel!


The second floor rooms each have different concepts like “Ninja”, and “Mt Fuji”, with art to match!


The dormitory rooms on the 3rd floor have box style beds, meaning you can relax without being disturbed. Finally the 4th floor have special group or family rooms with Japanese or castle style designs.

Rooms cost from 3,000 to 6,000 JPY per night per person. Prices may vary depending on season, so please inquire for details.


The basement is used as a shared communication space, where you can swap travel stories and meet new people.


■「SAMURAIS HOSTEL ikebukuro」
Address: Ikebukuro 3-52-12, Tokyo, 171-0014, Japan
Operator: Samurais Co., Ltd. under construction)