Drone Captures Stunning Aerial Videography of Ii Naomasa’s Hikone Castle


Japanese national broadcaster NHK’s flagship historical “taiga drama” for 2017 is Ii Naotora, the Lady Warlord. The series continues the Sengoku period theme of last year’s Sanada Maru, shifting the focus on Ii Naotora—a woman who assumed leadership of the Ii family due to a lack of male successors.

Ii Naotora’s nephew, Ii Naomasa, was another important figure in the history of the Ii family, earning the favor of shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu and establishing the family’s position permanently. One of Naomasa’s other achievements was the building of Hikone Castle, not far from Lake Biwa. Today, Hikone Castle is a National Treasure, and one of the few that has survived relatively unscathed in its original form.


As part of the celebration of Hikone Castle’s 410th anniversary this year, new footage of the castle shot from the air with a drone has been uploaded to YouTube, to remain available until December 10: Stunning aerial images of Hikone Castle.

The 4K footage was taken using a high-tech Leica SL camera mounted on a Matrice 600 drone, the latest model from DJI, and reveals a new side of Hikone Castle from angles never before available to photographers.


■Celebrating 410 Years of National Treasure Hikone Castle



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