Night Train to Chichibu: From Stargazing to the “Sea of Clouds”



The Chichibu Night Train Scenic Tour sets off late at night, allowing travelers to enjoy the dazzling starry skies before witnessing the “Sea of Clouds” at Mitsumine Shrine the following morning. Following a successful season last year, the tour will be held again on two days this autumn: October 27 (Fri) and November 10 (Fri).

秩父_★三峯神社星空 (c)Yujiro Suzuki
Stargazing in Chichibu

The train ride to Chichibu includes mini-presentations to help familiarize tour participants with the stars they can expect to see and how to use the constellation guide. Arriving at Chichibu, where the air is clear and light as pollution is negligible compared to the Tokyo metropolis, participants can use binoculars and telescopes to take in the constellations of autumn above them. This year, for the first time, a live performance is also in the works (as well as a special alternate plan in the unfortunate event of rain).

Viewing the “Sea of Clouds” at Mitsumine Shrine

At Mitsumine Shrine in the early morning, if luck is on their side, tour participants can take in a breathtaking view of the “Sea of Clouds” below.

The bright red autumn foliage

After this, those who wish can choose to alight at Nagatoro. Nagatoro is one of Chichibu’s best-known sightseeing spots, and participants are welcome to either end the tour tour here and explore Nagatoro for themselves, or remain with the tour group for more guided sightseeing. If conditions are right, visitors to Nagatoro may also be welcomed by the brilliant autumn leaves.

Note that stargazing and the “Sea of Clouds” may not be possible due to weather, so be sure to check in advance!

As autumn deepens in the coming months, why not take a night to refresh and recharge in Chichibu beneath beautiful starry skies and above the “Sea of Clouds”?


Chichibu Night Train Scenic Tours: Enjoy the Starry Skies and “Sea of Clouds” at Mitsumine Shrine!

■October 27 (Fri) late night departure/same day return/ends October 28th (Japanese site) 

■November 10 (Fri) late night departure/same day return/ends November 11 (Japanese site) 

Note: Please consult website for boarding stations, tour itinerary, and costs.