Full-Course One-Day Tea Field Tours Offer Rare Insight into Japanese Tea Production


A new “Full-Course One-Day Tea Field Tour,” including everything from picking tea leaves to sampling the finished product as tempura, was recently launched in Wazuka, a famous tea-producing region in Kyoto. Participants pick leaves cultivated without pesticides atop one of Japan’s steepest mountains, enjoying spectacular views of Wazuka below, then move on to d:matcha Kyoto CAFE & KITCHEN to enjoy their newly picked tea leaves served as tempura, plus a range of other green tea-based dishes and sweets.

Along with hiking tours like this, the cafe also offers “Create Your Own Original Sencha” activities, workshops on tea blends and brewing sencha, and events that let participants experience tea with all five senses. What’s more, every single activity is available in English if necessary.

Why not drop by and try picking some tea leaves on a hike this autumn?


Tour details:
Participants meet at 9:30 A.M. at d:matcha Kyoto CAFE & KITCHEN for orientation. Next, participants travel by car to a parking lot near the tea fields and hike to the top of the mountain where the pesticide-free tea field itself is located, enjoying breathtaking views of Wazuka’s many tea fields along the way. A special stop is made at Harayama Enkei Chaen, one of the most scenic spots in Wazuka and very difficult to visit as an individual. Arriving at the designated tea field, the group enjoys a short break, with staff serving sencha picked at the tea field itself. Finally, the tea leaf picking experience begins. Participants pick the leaves themselves directly and take home what they gather. After descending the mountain again, participants who choose to have lunch at the cafe can have the leaves they picked prepared and served as tempura.


From a popular spot for photographs with an excellent view of the tea fields

Above: Freshly picked tea leaves. Below: The same, made into tempura. The faint bitterness is an addictive flavor only available where the leaves themselves are grown.


Tour availability:

Until the end of November, every day except Wednesdays and Thursdays
Note: Tour may be canceled some days due to weather or exhibition timing

Charge (including tax): 3,000 JPY (includes sencha served during hike and tempura prepared at cafe afterwards. Other food and sweets not included.)

Other activities available:
・Single-origin sencha/matcha tasting, with varieties from a range of different regions
・Make your own original sencha/blend
・Black tea picking experience
・Workshop: The art of brewing sencha (free)

Note: For information on time required and other details, please inquire using the methods shown below.

Telephone: (+81) (0)774-74-8205