3 Hotels with Incredible Sunset Views



Indulge your autumnal nostalgia

Autumn is well underway, and the time is right for traveling! Rich brocades of autumn leaves await across Japan, but don't overlook another of the season's charms: those long, golden sunsets. In this article, we introduce three hotels offering ideal views for a sentimental autumn journey.


Hotel Zekkei no Yakata: A fresh perspective on Matsushima

Matsushima is known as one of Japan's three most picturesque locations, and the Hotel Zekkei no Yakata—whose name means "Palace of Stunning Views"—is ideally located for enjoying the area's natural beauty. The view at sunset is indescribable, and has even been featured in Michelin's Green Guide to Japan. The sight of all those islands in the Pacific gradually turning red is something that can only be enjoyed from here.

Hotel Zekkei no Yakata
Address: 4-6 Higashihama, Matsushima, Matsushima-cho, Miyagi-gun, Miyagi
Telephone: +81 (0) 22-354-3851
Pricing: From 13,500 JPY per person per night (for two people on Kaisen Ishiyaki Gold Course sharing one Japanese-style room on ocean side with private bath and toilet. Does not include bathing tax.)
Note: Pricing depends on plan, room, and time of stay.

Photographs provided by Hotel Zekkei no Yakata


Rokuza: Front-row seats for sunset off the Boso Peninsula

Minami Boso Tateyama Tomigaura Onsen Rokuza (or just "Rokuza" for short) stands on the west coast of the southern Boso Peninsula, not far from Tokyo, in an area well known for holiday homes. It overlooks Tateyama Bay, which is as still as a mirror from spring through autumn, making for spectacular views of the setting sun over the Pacific. And that's not all—Rokuza also has hot springs to relax in and many other marvelous views to enjoy.

Minami Boso Tateyama Tomigaura Onsen Rokuza
Address: 1672-88 Nako, Tateyama, Chiba
Telephone: +81 (0)470-20-5693
Pricing: From 14,800 JPY per person per night in standard room or 20,800 JPY per person per night in room with open-air bath (both prices include service fees but exclude all taxes)
Note: Pricing depends on plan, room, and time of stay.
Photographs provided by Minami Boso Tateyama Tomigaura Onsen Rokuza


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