Photographer Meisa Fujishiro:"If I'm still shooting at 75, I want to take nudes like Kishin Shinoyama"

The Photographer Meisa Fujishiro Respects: Kishin Shinoyama



Photographer Meisa Fujishiro announced his first collection of black and white nude photography in February of last year.

In this two part interview we asked him about the collection, as well as his overall thoughts on photography as it stands today.

In part 1 we'll be talking about another photographer close to Mr Fujishiro's heart, Kishin Shinoyama; focusing on his recent nude exhibition "La Maison de rendez-vous".

"Shinoyama is someone who I have always deeply respected"

"Mr Shinoyama was of course my senior in terms of photography, but I also respect him as an artist in a separate capacity"

While it might be hard for people to understand, his work is incredibly high level. While a simplification, you could call it "a bridge between popularity and artistry".

Kishin Shinoyama, La Maison de rendez-vous, Kishin Shinoyama 2016

Mr Shinoyama's latest works were exhibited at Shinagwa's Hara Museum of Contemporary Art until this January. All the works exhibited were actually taken in Hara Museum, with some of them displayed where they were taken. This made for an exhibition experience that was completely unique.

It's like heat, or some sort of power that you feel. It made me realise he still retains that power, and keeps pushing.

So what is the big difference between Mr. Shinoyama and Mr. Fujishiro?


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