General Oyster Welcomes Spring with Two Special Campaigns


Haruka oyster plate

Rock oyster season is finally here! Japan’s most famous brand of rock oysters, harvested in Shimane Prefecture, is known as “Haruka”—literally “scent of spring,” since its appearance on the table heralds the beginning of the new season. And since March 5, Haruka oysters have been available at nineteen restaurants run across Japan by General Oyster Group.

While many oysters are harvested at the age of two years, Haruka oysters are allowed to age for three years in the ocean around the Oki Islands. They also taste different because of when they are harvested—unlike the oysters of summer, spring oysters have no eggs yet. This means they are rich in inosinic acid and glutamine, bringing out their deep umami flavor.

Oysters steamed with spring vegetables: 1,980 JPY (excluding tax)

Right now, General Oyster is running not one but two special campaigns. The first is the “Spring Oyster & Vegetable Mariage Fair.” Until April 24, the dinner menu at every General Oyster location is overflowing with delicious seasonal produce, including spring cabbage, new onions, and snap beans—a colorful feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds, and the perfect complement to tasty spring oysters.

The second campaign, running for just a few more days until April 14, is an all-you-can-eat special. Reservation is required at least two days in advance, but for just 3,980 JPY per person, you can eat your fill of oyster dishes for 90 full minutes (last order after 60 minutes).


◆ Spring Oyster & Vegetable Mariage Fair
Dates: Until April 24, 2019 (dinner only)

◆ All-You-Can-Eat Oyster Fair
Dates: Until April 14, 2019 (dinner only; reservation required 2 days in advance)

Both available at nineteen of General Oyster’s restaurants across Japan

Store list: (Japanese only)