Deliciously Japanese; Sushi Nails!



High impact pop art; Sushi Nails

Sushi has spread worldwide. It doesn't just represent Japanese food, but has become synonymous with Japanese culture as a whole.

Now it's taking the form of a playful nail decoration. From shrimp, to egg, to salmon roe, and even tuna. These nails are so detailed you'll want to actually eat them! (But don't. Didn't your mother tell you not to bite your nails?)

Nail Quick Oasis Hiro Branch
The creator of these "Sushi Nails" is Nail Quick, who have over 70 branches nationwide. Each type of sushi has been replicated accurately and with vivid colour.
Thanks to the high level of technique held by Japanese nail artists, these creations are real pop art, right at (or perhaps on?) your fingertips.
They will no doubt draw looks and smiles with their originality and humour. It seems that they are also wildly popular with foreign customers, with shops receiving many requests for them. Japan has been pushing the "Cool Japan" concept recently, and this item boasts it in truly wearable form! The perfect souvenir.

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