About Premium Japan

In Japan. Around the world.
Premium Japan is your guide to priceless moments,
unforgettable experiences,
and rich living rooted in Japanese sensibilities and aesthetics.

What exactly do we mean by “premium”?
Ravishing. Welcoming. Enchanting. Surprising.
Moments, spaces, experiences, products, people, and places with gripping stories that embody the Japanese sense of beauty.

In today’s world, we place the greatest premium on a lifestyle with opportunities to rejoice in newly discovered stories,
and times and places to share them with the people that matter.

Experiences. Stories. Style. Lounge.
Four entrances to exclusive content in Japanese, English, and simplified and traditional Chinese.

Experience the ultimate in Japanese quality, unbounded by time or place,
reborn daily for the here and now—curated for you by Premium Japan.


Mio Shimamura
Chisa Nakajima
Yuko Taniguchi
Maki Kunikata
Contributing Editor
Masao Sakurai
Brand Business Department
Hitomi Tanimoto
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