A new gallery opens in Kuramae, where old and new cross paths


Talented Artists, Drifting Space: Shop and Gallery Mizusai Brings New Ideas to Kuramae, Tokyo

From the Nobuko Konno exhibition to be held from May 25

The Kuramae area in Tokyo has long been renowned as a center for monozukuri artisanship. Located between tourist-friendly Asakusa and the wholesale district of Asakusabashi, in recent years Kuramae has seen carefully curated shops, cafes, and galleries pop up between its independent workshops, studios, stores, and warehouses. The combination is beginning to create a unique atmosphere combining old and new, and more and more visitors are arriving in search of works, tastes, and artisanal techniques that resonate with their sensibilities, making it particularly lively on weekends.


In March of 2019, the gallery and shop space Mizusai became the newest pillar of the Kuramae community. Based on the concept “ceramics and related things,” the gallery features exhibitions of everything from potted plants and ceramics to drawings and fashion accessories. Mizusai reaches out to talented artists from all over, bringing them together to express their ideas freely and create beauty and peace for all who enter the space. Meanwhile, the shop offers a “permanent collection” of goods for sale.

Mizusai contains a gallery for exhibitions centered around ceramic works and a shop space featuring a “permanent collection.”

In May, Mizusai will be holding two exhibitions. The first, running until May 19, features wooden vessels and sculptures by Nara artist Kaoru Sako. Next, from May 25 to June 2, will be an exhibition of ceramics by Nobuko Konno, an artist who gathers her own clay in Okinawa and fires it in a kiln of her own creation. These vessels of Okinawan earth, water, and fire are both simple and bold, with a gruff aspect that belies an essential tenderness.


The word “Mizusai” refers to a divine beast said to guide people to sacred sites. Like its namesake, Mizusai looks certain to show art-lovers the way to meetings with remarkable creations.

◆ Mizusai

3rd floor, Kobayashi Building, 1-6-2 Misuji, Taito, Tokyo

11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

(Open every day during exhibitions. Closed some days when no exhibition is ongoing.)





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