Introducing new chocolates and cocktails in collaboration with the famous Scotch drink “Talisker”


Hotel New Otani (Tokyo)'s main bar "Bar Capri" is holding a limited-time "Talisker Fair"

Hotel New Otani (Tokyo)'s main bar ``Bar Capri'' is holding the ``Talisker Fair'' until March 3st (Sunday), selling original chocolate and cocktails in collaboration with the single malt Scotch whiskey ``Talisker.''

3 types of limited edition bonbon chocolate. From left: Talisker Storm (nut flavor), Talisker Poultry (Framboise flavor), Talisker 10 Years Old (banana flavor)

Talisker, produced by Scotland's oldest distillery on the Isle of Skye, is a whiskey born from the sea. It has a flavor reminiscent of sea breeze and a strong black pepper flavor, and it is said that Scottish literary great Robert Louis Stephenson, known for his work ``Treasure Island,'' loved drinking it, naming it the ``King of Drinks.''
This is the second collaboration since last year, and in addition to the brand's flagships Talisker 2 Year Old and Talisker Storm, we will be using a special single malt Talisker Portree that has been additionally aged in port wine barrels. We are selling three types of new bonbon chocolat that are carefully handcrafted one by one using carefully selected ingredients for each tascali.

From left: ``Sky Espresso'' using Talisker 10 Year Old, ``Northern Old Fashioned'' using Talisker Portry, ``Storm Fizz'' using Talisker Storm. 

In addition, three new cocktails using Talisker will be available for a limited time. ``Sky Espresso'' is an espresso martini twist cocktail that combines Talisker 3 Year Old with bitter espresso, ``Northern Old Fashioned'' combines Talisker Portree with Japanese herb liqueur and Wasanbon, and Talisker Storm with pineapple. You can enjoy ``Storm Fizz'' and original cocktails unique to ``Bar Capri,'' which has won numerous cocktail competitions.
Enjoy the marriage of luxurious adult chocolate and cocktails that you can only experience on this occasion.
◆Overview of Bar Capri “Taliscar Fair”
[Period] February 2024, 2 (Thursday) to March 1, 3 (Sunday)
[Price] Talisker Bonbon Chocolat (3 pieces) ¥1,700
     Sky Espresso ¥2,900,
     Northern Old Fashioned ¥2,900
     Storm Fizz ¥2,900
     *All service charges are not included *Bonbon chocolate is only available inside Bar Capri
[Location] Hotel New Otani “Bar Capri”
【時 間】月~木:16:00~23:00(L.O. 22:30) ※金曜日は~24:00(L.O.23:30)
     土:13:00~24:00(L.O.23:30) 日:13:00~23:00(L.O. 22:30)

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