Wako chocolate “WAKU”Wako chocolate “WAKU”


Ginza/Wako: Chocolate cookies with the ultimate taste on sale


Ginza/Wako Chocolate and cookies with a solid taste recommended as souvenirs

Chocolat Frei “WAKU”

At the cake and chocolate shop on the 1st floor of the Wako Annex, which is popular for its sweets made in its own atelier in Wako, Ginza, there is the ultimate chocolate frais ``WAKU'', which is the pioneer of Japanese chocolate specialty shops, and the original ``WAKO'', which took one year to plan. Cookie'' was released.


From 1988 to the present, WAKU, a chocolatier's masterpiece, has been handmade one by one in a chocolate specialty atelier, making full use of the numerous techniques passed down by successive chefs, and combining three representative techniques. The ultimate chocolate frais (raw chocolate).

WAKU cross section WAKU cross section

Newly released chocolate frais “WAKU” ¥2,484 including tax Released on the first and third Friday of every month


``WAKU'' has an impressive three-dimensional design inspired by chrysanthemum petals, and is constructed using three representative techniques. The top layer is a flavorful milk ganache that is aerated using the ``Arriba'' technique, and the center is a brandy-flavored bitter chocolate ganache that is made using the ``Havana'' technique. At the bottom is ganache, which is used in the most typical chocolate frais, such as ``Guanara'', and is the base of chocolat frais.
In order to harmonize these three techniques, there is a ganache containing fruity cacao pulp puree at the bottom center of the chocolate bar with a chrysanthemum motif, and a juicy ganache containing a lot of water is hidden just above the bottom.
It looks like a cake, has a rich aroma of cacao, and has a smooth melt-in-your-mouth harmony that is perfect for a special occasion.


*Limited quantity and may sell out.

"WAKO Cookie" "WAKO Cookie"

“WAKO Cookies” 2 types x 9 and 18 pieces each ¥5,400 including tax

``WAKO cookies'' were created in his own atelier over a year. We use ``plain'' which has a smooth taste and uses fine powdered sugar with a melting texture and the natural flavor of fermented butter, and ``raw sugar'' from the Satsunan Islands, which has larger crystals than powdered sugar. You can enjoy two types: ``raw sugar'' and ``raw sugar'', which has an impressive crunchy texture.

The ``certain deliciousness in simplicity'', combined with the trust of Ginza and Wako, will likely become the new standard for gifts and souvenirs in Ginza.




cake corner cake corner

Wako Annex 1st floor cake & chocolate shop

◆Wako Annex 1st floor cake & chocolate shop

[Address] Wako Annex, 4-4-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku
[Business hours] 10:30-19:30 (until 19:00 on Sundays and holidays)
[Closed days] Open every day (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

In addition to informing you of the latest information via newsletter, we also plan to inform you of exclusive events and give away special gifts.



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