Lexus Meets storeLexus Meets store


You can also make test drive reservations for LEXUS vehicles. A space that invites you to the world connected to the road and beyond.


Tokyo Midtown Hibiya "LEXUS MEETS..." has been renovated into a cafe lounge where you can enjoy Japanese sweets

“LEXUS MEETS” in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya...(Lexus Meets)”. The space that previously housed a display of Lexus cars and a cafe space has been renovated into a cafe lounge where you can enjoy Japanese sweets and the charms of various parts of Japan. In addition to enjoying a variety of menus throughout the day, including cafes, lunch, and evening snacks, we also accept reservations for test drives.

lexus meets lexus meets

``LEXUS MEETS...'' has been reborn as a space filled with the thoughts of Toyota Motor Corporation Chairman Akio Toyoda, also known as Morizo, with the motif of the ``roads'' that cars have seen while driving. "Japanese sweets" are available as a signature menu as an entrance to the charm that leads to the unknown road ahead.

Hibiya Gokaido Dango Hibiya Gokaido Dango

Hibiya Gokaido Dango 5 types 1300 yen, 3 types 800 yen

Snack Lexus Meets Snack Lexus Meets

After 14pm, you can also enjoy snacks (from 800 yen) with Japanese essence.

"Hibiya Gokaido Dango", which starts from Hibiya and expresses the land encountered through the five roads through the color and taste of each bean paste, and the Gamagori, Aichi Prefecture, where Chairman Akio Toyoda said he was healed after encountering the coronavirus pandemic. Shaved ice from the sweets shop Shugetsudo will also be available, as well as a limited-time menu called Toyota x Michi Selection that makes use of local specialties.

Coffee/cold brew coffee supervised by Kamui Kobayashi Coffee/cold brew coffee supervised by Kamui Kobayashi

Coffee and cold brew coffee supervised by Kamui Kobayashi are 700 yen each.

In addition, we will be offering coffee and cold brew coffee supervised by Japan's leading racing driver, Kamui Kobayashi, who says, ``Coffee before a race is essential,'' as well as seasonal fruits that Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda loves to drink on a daily basis. There is also a lineup of menu items that can only be enjoyed at "LEXUS MEETS...", such as carefully selected drinks.

Lexus Meets store Lexus Meets store

The interior of the store, which is made up of spacious sofa seats and table seats, exhibits artwork with a ``road'' motif as well as objects made from vehicle parts produced in various parts of Japan. You can spend a relaxing time in a comfortable lounge-like space.

Lexus Meets store Lexus Meets store

The store also accepts reservations for test drives of LEXUS vehicles. In addition to a short course of up to 90 minutes to enjoy roads in the suburbs of Tokyo, we have also newly established a long course of up to 7 hours, where you can enjoy driving to places such as Minamiboso and Fuji, so if you want to spend time with a Lexus car, Please check it out.

To the various ``roads'' that spread from Hibiya to beyond.stimulates interest“LEXUS MEETS…”. The existence of cars that expand the enjoyment of travel,Why not think about the warm connections between people and the region that roads and cars have created?


[Address] 1st floor, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, 1-2-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
[Business hours] 11:00-22:00 (LO Food and Drink both 21:30)
[TEL] 03-6273-3225
[Closed days] According to the facility
[Reservation] Possible

In addition to informing you of the latest information via newsletter, we also plan to inform you of exclusive events and give away special gifts.



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