HOSHINOYA Okinawa Sea Breeze Cruise Check-inHOSHINOYA Okinawa Sea Breeze Cruise Check-in


A blissful trip to Okinawa begins with an exhilarating private cruise


HOSHINOYA Okinawa Introducing recommended programs and special plans for summer travel

HOSHINOYA Okinawa, the pinnacle of Okinawa luxury and home to Japan's largest swimming pool, offers a ``Umikaji Cruise Check-in'' where guests can enjoy a private cruise from a port close to the airport to HOSHINOYA Okinawa. Available until September 9th, limited to one group (up to 30 people) per day.

In addition, we will introduce two special plans where you can enjoy a luxurious stay in Okinawa at ``Gusuku no Ikan'', which sublimates Ryukyuan culture and lives in harmony with the sea.

Sea breeze cruise check-in scene Sea breeze cruise check-in scene

``Umikaze Cruise Check-in'', which is in its third year this year, allows you to enjoy the resort feeling as soon as you arrive in Okinawa, and by traveling by private cruiser, you can head to your hotel without worrying about the crowds during the high season. . You can check in while on board, and once the ship arrives at the pier, you go directly to your cabin, so you can enjoy uninterrupted private time.


The boat is a catamaran cruiser, which is stable and has little shaking. In addition to the onboard lounge and outboard living room, there is also a club lounge on board. You can spend a relaxing time enjoying champagne, fruit, pintxos, etc. in a relaxing space that makes you feel as if you have been transported to a guest room at HOSHINOYA Okinawa.

Umikaze Cruise Check-in Onboard Club Lounge Umikaze Cruise Check-in Onboard Club Lounge

Inside the sea breeze cruise ship Inside the sea breeze cruise ship

We will also introduce two special summer plans.
The first is the 4th Anniversary Plan, which is limited in quantity and is available for stays in July and August. The online reservation-only accommodation plan commemorating the 7th anniversary of its opening in July of this year comes with 4 benefits that you can enjoy during your 3-night stay.
The second is the 60-day preferential treatment plan. If you book early, you can save up to 40% off the regular rate.

HOSHINOYA Okinawa Sea Breeze Cruise Check-in HOSHINOYA Okinawa Sea Breeze Cruise Check-in
Dining Dining

By taking advantage of special plans and private cruises, you will be able to have a more luxurious and special trip to Okinawa.


◆Hoshinoya Okinawa Sea Breeze Cruise Check-in
[Period] Currently being implemented - Monday, September 2024, 9
[Price]: 1 yen per group (tax and service charge included) *Accommodation fee not included
Includes: Private cruise on a catamaran cruiser, the services of a dedicated concierge, food and drinks served in the club lounge.
[Capacity] 1 group per day (up to 1 people)
[Reservations] Accepted until 2 weeks in advance on the official website
*You can choose the departure location from Ginowan Marina or Naha Miejo Port. Depending on the tide level and weather, the tour may be canceled or the departure location may be limited.


◆4th anniversary plan

Benefit 1: Gathering service for dinner on the first night (Japanese set menu)
Benefit 2: Breakfast at the dining room once during your stay
Benefit 3: One lounge drink by the pool (once per person per stay)
Benefit 2,000: XNUMX yen ticket available at Hoshino Resorts Banta Cafe (XNUMX ticket per person)
*Gathering service and dining breakfast are available on the adult menu.
Please inform the staff on the day of your child's menu changes. Please note that there will be no refund of the difference.

*Children sleeping together are not eligible for benefits.
Accommodation period: 2024/07/01 to 2024/08/31



◆60 days in advance plan

This plan is 2% off the regular rate and is available for stays of 40 nights or more.

*Accommodation plan does not include Sea Breeze Cruise check.
*Hoshinoya Okinawa requires reservations for 2 nights or more. The 60-day advance discount is also available outside of the summer.

In addition to informing you of the latest information via newsletter, we also plan to inform you of exclusive events and give away special gifts.



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