Tokyo Station Hotel Mango ParfaitTokyo Station Hotel Mango Parfait


Enjoy seasonal flavors in the elegant lobby lounge


Tokyo Station Hotel introduces ``Mango Parfait'' that takes you to the tropics

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From the lobby lounge of the Tokyo Station Hotel, where the light shining through the vertical windows creates a classic mood, the colorful "Mango Parfait" will be available for a limited time of 1 meals a day. You can enjoy it for a limited time only until June 10th (Sunday).

Tokyo Station Hotel Lobby Lounge Tokyo Station Hotel Lobby Lounge

"Mango parfait" has a deep flavor by using two types of mangoes: domestic mango and Mexican mango. The five layers of mango mousse and coconut blancmange are beautifully layered, and you can enjoy each one carefully, or scoop it all the way to the bottom of the glass and enjoy the layering of flavors. It's also fun to spend time thinking about how to proceed with eating.


The parfait is decorated with seven toppings, including fresh mango, chocolate crumble, and orangette. It looks lively and offers a variety of flavors.

Tokyo Station Hotel Mango Soda Tokyo Station Hotel Mango Soda

Also available is mango soda with a refreshing taste of fresh mango puree and lemon. You can order it as a set with a parfait and enjoy a tea time full of mangoes. You can order from 11 a.m. until the last order at night, so we recommend enjoying the parfait after work or after dinner.

[Limited to 1 meals a day] Mango parfait
[Period] Now available ~ Sunday, June 2024, 6
[Price] Dessert alone 4,000 yen, set with coffee or tea 5,500 yen


mango soda
[Period]: May 2024, 5 (Monday) ~ June 13, 6 (Sunday)
[Price] Single item 2,200 yen, parfait set 5,800 yen

[Offering time]
[Location] Tokyo Station Hotel 1F Lobby Lounge

*Some menus and service periods may change depending on the availability of ingredients. Please be forewarned.
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