MIZEN New Collection Further sublimating traditional Japanese techniques


Japanese brand “MIZEN” announces a new world of black

Left: Colorless double-breasted gilet (Ushikubi pongee) 550,000 yen, layered wide pants (Ushikubi pongee) 341,000 yen
Right: Contemporary collarless jacket (Ushikubi pongee) 583,000 yen, slash tie (Raden weave) 88,000 yen, classic shirt (Omi chijimi) reference product, 1 tuck straight pants (Ushikubi pongee) 352,000 yen

"HermèsShunsuke Teranishi, a fashion designer who has worked for world-famous fashion houses such as Hermès (Hermès), has created a project that combines traditional Japanese techniques and fashion.MIZEN(Mizen)” was started by2022About the year. The unique world view created by the technology and sense honed around the world,12We are proposing a new kind of beauty in Japan by collaborating with production areas that exceed the boundaries of Japan.




2024The new collection announced in 2017 is based on all-black kimono textiles produced in two production areas: Ushikubi Tsumugi (Ishikawa Prefecture) and Silk Ribonori (Kyoto Prefecture).BLACK COLLECTION.

In clothing, it is a popular standard color that can be used in a wide range of occasions, such as business and formal occasions, but in the world of kimono, it has a strong image of "mourning clothes" and is often shunned as a noble color. This time, for the first time, we asked weavers in various places to create a completely black fabric, which is rare for a kimono, and took on the challenge of making it into clothing.


Asymmetric pleated coat (silk cord weave)484,000Yen, short shirt blouson (silk cord weave)220,000Circle, layered wide pants (silk cord weave)264,000Yen


VNeck layered short top (silk cord weave)242,000Circle, asymmetric flare long skirt (silk cord weave)374,000Yen

The new collection uses ``Ushikubi Tsumugi'', which is made by spinning thread from the rare ``Tamayu'', which is made from two cocoons, and ``Kasuri-zome'', which is hand-dyed.mmSilk cord weaving is a material from two production areas that is characterized by its unique use of a variety of colors, made by weaving wide silk ribbon tape in the vertical and horizontal directions. In the future, we will increase the number of production areas such as Yuki Tsumugi and Yonezawa Ori.BLACK COLLECTIONWe plan to develop this as a new standard product.

◆MIZEN Aoyama main store

[Address] Almost BlueC Building, 4-13-XNUMX Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
[business hours] From 11:19 to XNUMX:XNUMX
[regular holiday] Monday, Tuesday

*Advance reservations are required from the website before visiting the store.

In addition to informing you of the latest information via newsletter, we also plan to inform you of exclusive events and give away special gifts.



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