Inatus ChevousInatus Chevous


Approaching adult hair problems with a dual approach to care for both thinning hair and gray hair


Created for youthful hair and scalp. Inatus hair treatment "Shuvu"

Inertas, which produces evidence-backed, highly functional beauty items based on its unique concept of "Preemptive Beauty®" that prevents skin problems before they occur, has launched a new hair care product called "Cheuvue" for anti-aging care of the scalp and hair.

Wasabi leaf image Wasabi leaf image

Its greatest feature is its unique formula based on the knowledge and experience that Inatus has cultivated over the years, providing dual-pronged care that simultaneously addresses the two major hair concerns of adults: thinning hair and gray hair.


It contains eight types of peptides, including "acetyl tetrapeptide-3," which is said to reduce the regression phase of the hair growth cycle and induce the growth phase, and "palmitoyl tetrapeptide-20," which is said to address the cause of gray hair.

Soybean image Soybean image

In addition, it contains natural extracts such as wasabi leaf extract, which moisturizes the scalp, and sodium cyclic lysophosphatidic acid derived from soybeans, which is expected to have an excellent hair growth effect. By taking care of the scalp environment from the root, it leads to voluminous and shiny hair.

To use, simply massage an appropriate amount into your scalp. This product can be used by both men and women to combat thinning and gray hair, so it's recommended to share it with your partner.


Hair, which frames the face, is one of the most important factors that greatly affect how old you look. Why not try getting into the habit of using Chevous to care for your hair and achieve a more youthful appearance?

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