Hoshinoya Tokyo Fermented Summer IceHoshinoya Tokyo Fermented Summer Ice


Beat the heat with delicious shaved ice and a drink that leaves a sweet aftertaste


Hoshinoya Tokyo introduces 10-layer shaved ice called "Fermented Summer Ice."

Hoshinoya Tokyo is a Japanese inn located in Otemachi, Tokyo, built on the former site of the prestigious Sakai family, who supported the Tokugawa clan.8Month31For a limited time until the 2019 (Sat), we will be serving "Fermented Summer Ice," which uses plenty of peaches and fermented foods that have been popular since the Edo period.1Day2It is available exclusively to groups and guests staying overnight.

Hoshinoya Tokyo Fermented Summer Ice Hoshinoya Tokyo Fermented Summer Ice

"Fermented summer ice" is"Drinking IV"This luxurious shaved ice is made with fermented foods such as amazake, also known as "amazake," doburoku, mirin, Hama-natto, and plenty of peaches, which are in season in the summer.10The different layers of texture and flavor, plus the sweet sake cream that flows out when the glass case is removed, are also appealing, making this a popular summer-only menu item every year.

Hoshinoya Tokyo Fermented Summer Ice Hoshinoya Tokyo Fermented Summer Ice

Ice is2The ice used is made with great care, taking more than a day of time and effort, and contains almost no impurities, allowing you to enjoy the clear, natural flavor of the ice.

Hoshinoya Tokyo Fermented Summer Ice Pairing Drink Hoshinoya Tokyo Fermented Summer Ice Pairing Drink

The drinks served with the "Fermented Summer Ice" are:We prepared "Edo Genroku Sake" by Konishi Sake Brewery, a reproduction of the sake that was drunk during the Edo Genroku period. This amber-colored sake is made using only half the brewing water, and is served mixed with hot water and alternated with cold shaved ice.After the meal, Uji Sencha tea is served, with a refreshing, just the right amount of bitterness to finish off the meal.

Hoshinoya Tokyo exterior Hoshinoya Tokyo exterior

Shaved ice brings a refreshing feeling during the hot summer. Why not try it in an extraordinary space that will help you forget the hustle and bustle of the city?


"Fermented summer ice"
[Period] Available now~2024Years8Month31(Sat)
【Start time】16:00~18:00
【Capacity】1Day2set(1set1~3First name)
[Fee]1First name 6,050Yen (tax and service charges included)*Accommodation fee not included
[Included] Shaved ice, pairing of sake and Uji tea
[Location] Hoshinoya Tokyo Dining
[Reservation] Official website 3Reservation required by the day before
[Target] HOSHINOYA Tokyo guests
Depending on the situation, the menu contents and ingredients may change.

In addition to informing you of the latest information via newsletter, we also plan to inform you of exclusive events and give away special gifts.



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