[Weekend fortune telling to read on Wednesday night] How many stars are you in the fortune telling of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday taught by Nine Star Ki?[Weekend fortune telling to read on Wednesday night] How many stars are you in the fortune telling of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday taught by Nine Star Ki?


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Fortune taught by Nine Star Ki


[Weekend fortune telling to read on Wednesday night] Nine Star Ki Science teaches your fortune from April 5th to 16st Thursday to Sunday, how many stars are you?

[Fortune for April 5th (Thursday), 16th (Friday), 17th (Saturday), and 18st (Sunday)] Weekend fortune telling taught by Nine Star Ki Science



Good work. It's Wednesday night, and if you're already heading towards the weekend, we'll give you your fortune for this weekend using Nine Star Ki. We will give you some advice on your fortune and tell you the barometer of your fortune using the number of stars. Have a fun and relaxing weekend.

There are 5 fortunes indicated by the number ★.
★★★★★ = Daikichi
★★★★ = Nakayoshi
★★★ = good luck
★★ = Kokichi
★ = Sueyoshi

[How to find out Nine Stars]


Please select your year of birth. If you were born before Setsubun (January 1st to February 1rd), your Nine Stars are the previous year of your birth year.

Ippaku Mercury

1945, 1954, 1963, 1972, 1981, 1990, 1999, 2008, 2017

two black saturn

1944, 1953, 1962, 1971, 1980, 1989, 1998, 2007, 2016

Three blue Jupiter


four green jupiter


five ocher stars


Six platinum stars


seven red gold stars

1948, 1957, 1966, 1975, 1984, 1993, 2002, 2011, 2020

Eight white Saturn

1947, 1956, 1965, 1974, 1983, 1992, 2001, 2010, 2019

nine purple mars

1946, 1955, 1964, 1973, 1982, 1991, 2000, 2009, 2018

*What is Nine Star Ki?
The fortune-telling ``Kyusei'' was introduced from China and has taken root in Japan. It is said that in the Meiji period, it was summarized as ``Kigaku'' and took on its current form.

Ippaku Mercury 】Through repeated efforts, the path will open up.


[April 5th (Thursday)]★★

A day that seems to have something to do with a business trip to a faraway place. Preparation is necessary to avoid missing out on opportunities. Be proactive.

[April 5th (Friday)]★★

There are hints of trouble between men and women. Being too nervous can have the opposite effect. Please relax your shoulders a little.

[April 5th (Sat)]★★

A day to make sure to put in effort. It is no good to judge people based on one-sided values. Treat everyone with the perspective that everyone has their strengths.

[Sunday, April 5th] ★★★

When things don't go as planned and you find yourself at a standstill. The knowledge and experience you gain through hard work will always be useful, and a path will open up to you.

[Lucky color] Light green

If you feel tired from interpersonal relationships and need healing, we recommend incorporating green. Natural colors, such as a forest surrounded by negative ions, give you a calming feeling. Try adding it to your daily life by drinking green tea or using green bath salts.

two black saturn] Broad-mindedness and gratitude build better human relationships

[April 5th (Thursday)]★★

A day when an old friend or acquaintance seems to ask you to do something troublesome for them. Let's be conscious of not getting carried away over trivial matters and trying to take things to heart.

[April 5th (Friday)]★★

Be careful not to get injured when you go out, such as by missing a step on the stairs. Merely expressing your dissatisfaction will bring down your overall fortune. Try to focus on the benefits of the other person and the situation.

[April 5th (Sat)] ★★★★

Troubles may occur between men and women. Backbiting and complaining increase negative energy. Let's approach this with a slightly broader perspective.

[Sunday, April 5st] ★★

Even if you get caught up in difficulties, it seems like a helping hand will reach out somewhere. Rather than trying to do your best alone, if you ask for help from those around you with gratitude, there will be people who will lend a helping hand.

[Lucky color] White

This weekend, when you need to rest your body and mind and reflect on yourself, pure white is your lucky color. Add a clean white color to your belongings and clothes to increase your favorability.

Three blue Jupiter]Positive thinking and realistic orientation are the keys to attracting good luck

[April 5th (Thursday)] ★★★

I have a feeling that a strong partner will appear in my work. Even if you have doubts about the type of person you have met before, just accept it without trying to reason with it.

[April 5th (Friday)]★★

The day when you have the support of those around you and become a central figure. If you approach everything with a plan and a positive mindset, your actions and attitude will surely lead in a positive direction.

[April 5th (Sat)]★★

It's a day when unexpected incidents are likely to occur when you're out and about. If you judge things not only by imagining ideals but also by thinking realistically, you will move in a good direction.

[Sunday, April 5st] ★★★★

A day when you can get new information from acquaintances. If you expect too much, you may be confused by the gap with reality. Please go at your own pace.

[Lucky color] Orange

Orange is a lucky color because it makes you feel positive. It's a color that gives you a sense of familiarity, so it not only cheers you up but also those around you.

[Four Green Jupiter] Patience and progress, remembering the balance of both.


[April 5th (Thursday)] ★★★

It looks like it will be a day when money flows well and there will be an increase in money coming in and going out. Money-related problems are more likely to occur. Remember to act with integrity and honesty.

[April 5th (Friday)] ★★★

When you are tired and easily get sick. If you have a fever, do not overdo it and rest at home. It is important to remain calm and wait for recovery.

[April 5th (Sat)]★★

A day that makes you want to take the plunge. Increase your luck by experiencing things that seem interesting and fun. Please cherish the feeling of excitement like a boy.

[Sunday, April 5th] ★★★

If you are planning a trip, be careful not to get injured due to carelessness. It is luck that you can get good luck by acting with a strong belief that you can't lose to anyone.

[Lucky color] Lemon yellow

Lemon yellow is a color that is easily associated with humor and inspiration, such as hope, curiosity, motivation, and happiness, and is a color that brightens the senses. Wear it when you want to be bright and open to your surroundings.

[Five Loess Stars] A weekend where you want to keep your feet on the ground and take action from a long-term perspective.


[April 5th (Thursday)] ★★★★

It's a day when it's easy to feel lost at work. Let's refrain from short-sighted actions out of curiosity and try to spend our time from a long-term perspective.

[April 5th (Friday)] ★★★★★

Your luck is good, but you may be off track financially. If you don't get too excited and act with your feet on the ground, luck will be on your side.

[April 5th (Sat)] ★★★★★

Strong luck for the second day in a row, following yesterday. I'm busy, but always looking ahead and taking one step early will lead to success.

[Sunday, April 5st] ★★

I feel like I'm about to experience heartbreak or betrayal. Even if you feel unsure or anxious, try to maintain a sense of freshness without changing the flow.

[Lucky color] Brown

This weekend, when calm judgment and a desire to grow little by little are important, brown is recommended as it relieves tension. It gives you solidity and warmth, which increases your credibility.

[Six Platinum Stars] A pinch is an opportunity. The courage to give up greed is the trigger for improving your luck


[April 5th (Thursday)]★★

Don't panic if a problem arises that involves your honor. Believe that you can seize opportunities by demonstrating the power you have accumulated so far.

[April 5th (Friday)] ★★★

A day when you are interested in a joint project. If you have friends who are successful business owners, ask them for advice. Please focus on yourself rather than on other people's help.

[April 5th (Sat)] ★★★★★

It's a very lucky day. Avoid saying anything that could lead to an argument at a drinking party. Let's proceed with normalcy.

[Sunday, April 5th] ★★★

It's been a busy day with no time to take a breather. Even if there may be some difficulties, a humble heart and a serious attitude will lead to good results.

[Lucky color] Yellow green

Yellow-green is a bright and energetic color that makes you feel safe and secure. It is also recommended when you want to switch to a new feeling.

[Seven Red Venus] Understanding how things work and acting will help you avoid trouble.


[April 5th (Thursday)] ★★★

There may be financial difficulties. If you properly understand how things work and take action, you will likely be able to proceed without major hardships or failures.

[April 5th (Friday)] ★★★

Don't panic if a problem arises that concerns your honor. If you maintain moderation and act calmly to protect your position, you will attract luck.

[April 5th (Sat)]★★

If you are thinking about moving or where to live, you may have concerns about housing and land. When it comes to unknown points, researching them rather than worrying about them is the quickest way to solving them.

[Sunday, April 5st] ★★★★★

It's a day when you're likely to be blessed with good luck because of your female friends. Don't just ask for help, do your research and prepare in advance. Please build a good relationship with each other.

[Lucky color] Silver gray

If you want to avoid acting based on preconceived notions, this week your lucky color is silver gray, which symbolizes inner fulfillment, truth, and pride. Please incorporate it into familiar places such as tableware and interior decoration.

[Eight white Saturn】A weekend where you can make new discoveries by expanding your range of activities


[April 5th (Thursday)]★★

Concerns and worries about land may arise. If you take action thoroughly without sparing effort, you will find the path you need to take.

[April 5th (Friday)]★★

This is a day when you might need to be careful about issues of the opposite sex, such as a violent approach from your partner. Expanding your range of action will broaden your horizons in a positive way.

[April 5th (Sat)] ★★★★

I have a feeling that troubles are likely to occur regarding documents needed for work or private life. Being short-tempered is a bad thing, so don't worry, calm down and review.

[Sunday, April 5th] ★★★

A day that lacks flexibility and can easily lead to discord. Even if you don't get along well with someone, you may be able to connect with them by carefully expressing your true feelings in simple words.

[Lucky color] Purple

Purple, which has a mysterious impression, can be expected to have the effect of calming excitement, and is a lucky color that stimulates the sensibilities and brings out individuality. When you want to value honesty and hard work, navy is a good choice because of its calmness and brightness. It is also perfect for relaxing your mind and body.

[Nine Purple Mars] Utilizing positivity and action will lead to great progress


[April 5th (Thursday)] ★★★★★

A day when you feel full of energy and want to act proactively. If you just make it there, you may have to start over again. Take things from a long-term perspective.

[April 5th (Friday)]★★

Let's focus on strengthening the inside rather than the outside. You can gain the trust of those around you by improving your concentration and tackling things.

[April 5th (Sat)]★★

When you're having fun, it's important not to let your mind wander. If you use your natural cheerfulness to communicate with others, your luck will improve.

[Sunday, April 5th] ★★★

When you need to be careful about eye and ear fatigue caused by stress and fatigue. It is recommended to reduce the psychological and physical burden as much as possible.

[Lucky color] Sapphire blue

Sapphire blue is a lucky color that dominates the parasympathetic nervous system and calms your mood. It also helps alleviate nervous disorders and stress.


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