[Weekend fortune telling to read on Wednesday night] How many stars are you in the fortune telling of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday taught by Nine Star Ki?[Weekend fortune telling to read on Wednesday night] How many stars are you in the fortune telling of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday taught by Nine Star Ki?


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Fortune taught by Nine Star Ki


[Weekend fortune-telling read on Wednesday night] Nine Star Ki Science teaches your fortune for May 6th to June 13nd, Thursday to Sunday, how many stars are you?

[Fortune for April 6th (Thursday), 13th (Friday), 14th (Saturday), and 15st (Sunday)] Weekend fortune telling taught by Nine Star Ki Science



Good work. It's Wednesday night, and if you're already heading towards the weekend, we'll give you your fortune for this weekend using Nine Star Ki. We will give you some advice on your fortune and tell you the barometer of your fortune using the number of stars. Have a fun and relaxing weekend.

There are 5 fortunes indicated by the number ★.
★★★★★ = Daikichi
★★★★ = Nakayoshi
★★★ = good luck
★★ = Kokichi
★ = Sueyoshi

[How to find out Nine Stars]


Please select your year of birth. If you were born before Setsubun (January 1st to February 1rd), your Nine Stars are the previous year of your birth year.

Ippaku Mercury

1945, 1954, 1963, 1972, 1981, 1990, 1999, 2008, 2017

two black saturn

1944, 1953, 1962, 1971, 1980, 1989, 1998, 2007, 2016

Three blue Jupiter


four green jupiter


five ocher stars


Six platinum stars


seven red gold stars

1948, 1957, 1966, 1975, 1984, 1993, 2002, 2011, 2020

Eight white Saturn

1947, 1956, 1965, 1974, 1983, 1992, 2001, 2010, 2019

nine purple mars

1946, 1955, 1964, 1973, 1982, 1991, 2000, 2009, 2018

*What is Nine Star Ki?
The fortune-telling ``Kyusei'' was introduced from China and has taken root in Japan. It is said that in the Meiji period, it was summarized as ``Kigaku'' and took on its current form.

Ippaku Mercury 】An honest attitude creates good relationships and peace of mind


[April 6th (Thursday)]★★

You will be interested in building or expanding your home, and your plans will likely move forward. Even if you see small flaws or failures, it is important to find the good in the person.

[April 6th (Friday)]★★

You have a feeling that you will have some trouble with women. Even if you trust someone, thoughtless words can hurt them carelessly. Be mindful of the idea that "politeness is important even among close friends."

[April 6th (Sat)] ★★★

A day when you're not feeling so good. Overexerting yourself can affect your work and personal life. Good physical and mental health also leads to good relationships. Take this opportunity to reassess your daily habits.

[Sunday, April 6th] ★★★

This is a day when problems and inconveniences are likely to occur. Take a deep breath and calm down first. Make sure you are in a mental state where you can make accurate decisions. If you are unsure of what to do, it is also recommended that you ask someone you can trust for help.

[Lucky color] Pearl white

If you want to value sincerity, check out the elegant and gentle pearl white, which is a white base with mica added. Wear pearl accessories to have peace of mind.

two black saturnSelf-understanding maximizes your self-confidence

[April 6th (Thursday)]★★

Your luck in love will improve. You will be able to build a good relationship through marriage proposals and encounters. Don't worry about trivial negative reviews, just look closely at the person in front of you.

[April 6th (Friday)] ★★★

There are indications that your work will develop in a positive direction with help from those around you. Even if you are asked to do something, don't take on everything, but understand your own capacity and respond accordingly.

[April 6th (Sat)]★★

This will be a day where you should be mindful of your actions. If you keep in mind being proactive and sincere in your approach to things, you will be able to make the most of your charm.

[Sunday, April 6th] ★★★

It's a day when you are likely to have troubles at work. Take it as a positive thing, not a negative thing. Understanding the essence and making the right decisions will lead to an increase in your luck.

[Lucky color] Shell pink

This weekend, we recommend shell pink, which is perfect for treating yourself and those around you kindly and maximizing your charm. Shell pink is a pale, gentle shade that is a slightly soft color mixed with yellow that blends well with the skin. It is a color that is easy to incorporate into makeup and fashion.

Three blue Jupiter] Be careful of forgetting things, getting injured, and making mistakes. Acting calmly will bring you good fortune this weekend.

[April 6th (Thursday)]★★

It's a day when you tend to be absent-minded and forget things. Eat a good breakfast to recharge your energy. Things will go smoothly if you clarify what you can and can't do today and act accordingly.

[April 6th (Friday)]★★

Your talents will be recognized and you will likely receive a raise or promotion. The fish that get away look bigger. Even if you are unsure, make sure you act so that you do not regret your decision.

[April 6th (Sat)] ★★★★★

It's a day when injuries and mistakes are likely to occur. Be careful of your surroundings. When in trouble, don't make decisions on your own. It's good to take advice from those around you into consideration.

[Sunday, April 6st] ★★

If you act carefully, you will be able to do everything safely. Smart people are good at being considerate. If you know someone like this, try to imitate them and you can expect your luck to improve.

[Lucky color] Moss green

When you feel a bit tired after being active, moss green is your lucky color, as it reminds you of forests. Natural greens, such as houseplants, can also have a soothing effect.

[Four Green Jupiter] It will be a good weekend if you respect those around you and act in a trusting manner.


[April 6th (Thursday)] ★★★

New developments will lead to good fortune. Today is the day when the saying "everyday efforts bear fruit" applies, so if you show your hard work, people around you will appreciate it. Keep trying even if you are not rewarded right away.

[April 6th (Friday)]★★

This is a day when you will be supported by those around you and become a central figure. Remember to smile and be considerate, and have fun throughout the day, as this will be the key to winning the trust of those around you.

[April 6th (Sat)] ★★★

It's a day when you feel like going on a trip or going somewhere far away. If you spend the day with respect for your juniors and newcomers, you can build better communication.

[Sunday, April 6st] ★★★★

This is a day that requires accurate judgment. Staying calm will lead to success. If you are planning to go out drinking, be careful not to eat or drink too much.

[Lucky color] Light blue

This weekend, where harmony with your surroundings is key, we recommend light blue. When you wake up in the morning, open the curtains and look at the sky. Try incorporating some light blue items.

[Five Loess Stars】Your luck is at its best. Honesty and a calm attitude will bring you good fortune.


[April 6th (Thursday)] ★★★★★

This is a day when you will be blessed with very strong luck, especially financial luck. To understand things, it is important to grasp the key points first.

[April 6th (Friday)] ★★★★★

Following on from the previous day, this is a very lucky day. You are likely to receive more recognition than you deserve. Only trying to put up a front will lead to regret. Be honest with yourself and spend your time honestly.

[April 6th (Sat)]★★

When you are in doubt, it is best to learn the words of a wise person. When the decision is difficult, it is also important to remain silent and observe without interfering.

[Sunday, April 6st] ★★

This is a day when you will gain trust and experience joy such as accomplishment. If you are feeling down, take a look at yourself. A fresh start will be the shortcut to good fortune.

[Lucky color] Off-white

This weekend, we recommend off-white, which emphasizes sincerity and humility. Off-white exudes a soft atmosphere and is a refined, calm color. Be sure to incorporate it into your fashion.

[Six Platinum StarsA weekend where your efforts will bear fruit and bring you closer to great growth and success


[April 6th (Thursday)]★★

It's a day when you need to be careful about troubles with relatives and other people close to you. If you act with confidence and respect, things will go in your favor.

[April 6th (Friday)] ★★★

The great joy you feel when you complete a task is only possible because of the effort you put in. If you feel unmotivated at work, try taking time to refresh yourself by turning to a hobby or something similar.

[April 6th (Sat)]★★

If you are working on a business plan, a powerful capitalist is likely to appear. Mental disturbances such as impatience and irritation will manifest themselves in words and actions. Take deep breaths or meditate to calm your mind and look at things objectively.

[Sunday, April 6st] ★★

If you put what you have learned into practice, the results will one day come to fruition. If you don't choose the right time and place, you may come across as being too nosy. Watching over others is also necessary for their growth.

[Lucky color] Champagne gold

Champagne gold, which symbolizes success and brilliance, is the lucky color for turning your efforts into results. Wearing glamorous champagne gold will also give you confidence.

[Seven Red Venus] A weekend dedicated to being kind to yourself


[April 6th (Thursday)] ★★★

Keep your promises and deadlines. If you take care of the basics and do them diligently, you will be able to avoid serious illnesses and risky events.

[April 6th (Friday)]★★

By working hard to save money, you will develop a desire to save. If you save while keeping a close eye on your income and expenses, you will be able to avoid large losses and expect to achieve your ideal savings.

[April 6th (Sat)] ★★★★★

This is a very good day, but you should be careful about your health. Eating healthy foods slowly and chewing them well can not only improve your health, but also your diet. Take care of yourself, both mentally and physically.

[Sunday, April 6st] ★★

It's a day when you are likely to get a large sum of money. As the saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," it's important to start by making steady efforts in the areas close to you, no matter what path you walk.

[Lucky color] Red

Red is your lucky color for this weekend, when you are likely to be active. Red is full of passion and power, so incorporating red foods and interior decor into your daily life will give you energy.

[Eight white SaturnDon't forget to take care of yourself and make small changes


[April 6th (Thursday)]★★

If there is a discrepancy in what you're saying, don't let it go, but correct it. Taking care of your health will lead to good fortune in the future, so it's a good idea to be conscious of your health when choosing the foods you eat.

[April 6th (Friday)] ★★★★★

This is a very lucky day. Your hard work will bear fruit. If you hone your skills in how to act according to the situation, it will also lead to your own growth.

[April 6th (Sat)] ★★★★

The saying "small things pile up to create something big" resonates with you today. Continuing to do small things over and over again will bring you great success and good fortune. If you are involved in real estate transactions, take your time and make a calm decision.

[Sunday, April 6st] ★★★★★

You may encounter unexpected difficulties in love affairs. Important decisions do not need to be made quickly. This is the time to think carefully. Think carefully before making any decisions.

[Lucky color] Green

When you are feeling mentally exhausted, we recommend greens that remind you of forests and other natural environments. Heavy greens are perfect for the refreshing early summer and provide relief and healing.

[Nine Purple MarsA period of preparation for the future. It is important to build a foundation for yourself.


[April 6th (Thursday)]★★

This is the best day to build a foundation for the future. Efforts will definitely pay off. Gain new knowledge to keep up with the times.

[April 6th (Friday)]★★

If you have a trusting relationship, you are likely to achieve great results. Pay attention to your health management and review your diet by trying to cook your own meals.

[April 6th (Sat)] ★★★

It's a good day to spend time in step with those around you. Things may come to light, for better or worse, so be true to yourself and spend the day with sincerity.

[Sunday, April 6th] ★★★

If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, you will likely find new opinions and advice. When in doubt, one way to make a decision is to consult the words of a wise person.

[Lucky color] Brown

Brown is recommended for this weekend, when it is important to build a foundation for steady growth little by little. Incorporating brown, which gives warmth and warmth, into your fashion and interior design will also increase your credibility.


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Fortune taught by Nine Star Ki

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