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Onoe Kikunojo Diary ~Listen to good things~


Kikunojo Onoe's diary - From Japanese dancers to young Kabuki actors. A summer of giving back, Part 1

nice to meet you. I am also the third generation Onoe Kikunojo, who is the fourth generation head of the Onoe family. I have decided to write a blog. I would be happy if he could be an opportunity for people to learn about Japanese dance and traditional performing arts. Thank you very much.



This summer, I had many opportunities to work with young Kabuki actors, starting with ``New Kabuki Touken Ranbu,'' which I co-directed with Matsuya Onoe in July. I would like to share with you some of the most unforgettable memories.

Thoughts on my son who is on stage as an actor
Events at the “Ken no Kai” hosted by Ukon Onoe



The “Ken no Kai” was held in August and was hosted by Ukon Onoe. This year marks Ukon's 8th independent performance. Mr. Ukon and I have had a long relationship. He has been coming to Onoue's lessons since he was a toddler, when he was still unsteady on his feet. He was a child who loved dancing and acting, and he even drew pictures of plays for me. He has had a passion for drawing ever since then, and is very good at it.



Actually, this ``Kenkai'' was special for me. His son Yoshito appeared on stage as Koichimatsu, a child actor in ``Natsumatsuri Naniwakagami.'' One day, I received a phone call from Mr. Ukon and said, ``We are holding a ``summer festival'' at our lab meeting, but if Yoshito-kun doesn't mind, would you be able to come? I'd be happy if he wanted to come. ” he said. I was thinking of acting on stage if I had the chance, so I was very grateful for this offer. This was his son's acting debut, having made his stage debut in Onoue last December.




During the two days of the performance, I decided to stay with my son to take care of him... Mr. Ukon and all the great Kabuki actors who accompanied us... Mr. Bando Minosuke, Mr. Nakamura Tanenosuke, Mr. Nakamura Yonekichi, and Mr. Nakamura Sodama were very kind to Yoshito. Ta.

Kikunojo Onoe and his son Yoshito Kikunojo Onoe and his son Yoshito

With my son Yoshito. A photo from the dressing room of "Ken no Kai". I was happy to be invited to the mikoshi scene at the end of Sengoraku's ``Summer Festival Naniwakan'' and said, ``Hito-kun, let's come together!'' and I was standing by in the same yukata as everyone else.

Ukon Onoe, Yoshito, Yonekichi Nakamura Ukon Onoe, Yoshito, Yonekichi Nakamura

Yoshito surrounded by Ukon Onoe and Yonekichi Nakamura. On the first day of practice, Yoshito was a little nervous, but he took care of me and took a selfie with me. Yoshito has promised to treat Ukon to sushi as a thank you for his help, but he has not been able to fulfill this promise yet.

The child actor of ``Natsumatsuri Naniwakagami'' is waiting for his turn in the costume of Koichimatsu. The child actor of ``Natsumatsuri Naniwakagami'' is waiting for his turn in the costume of Koichimatsu.

The child actor of ``Natsumatsuri Naniwakagami'' is waiting for his turn in the costume of Koichimatsu.

There is a scene in ``Natsumatsuri Naniwakagami'' where Yoshito is sitting on a floor box on stage, and there was a slight accident in which Yoshito's sandals came off. Mr. Ganjiro Nakamura and Mr. Yonekichi Nakamura, who were with me at that time, immediately made me wear sandals and everything was fine, but after the show, Yoshito started having sex in the dressing room. As a child, I must have been anxious and frustrated. However, as a parent, I was happy to be able to see such things in detail.




The person who did my makeup was Kyojun Nakamura from the Kyoya family. Putting on your face (putting on makeup) is something you don't get used to, and you have to stay still, and your face gets sticky with beard oil and eyebrows, which can be a little uncomfortable for child actors. There is also. However, Mr. Kyojun did it very carefully, saying, ``The first step is important when it comes to making faces.If children don't do it right the first time, they will hate making faces.'' Especially when you wash your face, it can be a pain if the cleanser gets into your eyes. That may be the most difficult part.

As my son grew up, I realized the “connection”



These past two days I worked behind the scenes to take care of my son. I saw her being petted by young actors in the dressing room, crying when her sandals came off on stage, and looking so comfortable when Kyo Jun made her face. I felt many things myself. When I saw my son on the Kabuki stage at Ukon Onoe's study group called Ken no Kai, I realized that we have been connected ever since before we were born.



There was also a reason why Mr. Ukon approached Yoshito in the first place. In fact, the first time Mr. Ukon appeared on stage when he was a child was at an Onoe dance called Onoe-kai, where he played the role of the monk in ``Kyokako Musume Dojoji,'' which was played by my older sister, Murasaki Onoe. .



Mr. Ukon's father is the seventh generation Rev. Kiyomoto Enjudayu. He is the iemoto of Kiyomotobushi. Ukon went on to perform on the Kabuki stage as a child actor. But he may have wondered if he was Kabuki or Kiyomoto. He chose a dual-wielding career, and decided to work hard in Kiyomoto's world as a Kabuki actor named Onoue Ukon, and also as Kiyomoto Eijudayu. I can do things now that I couldn't imagine when I was a child. That's amazing.

Ukon was born into the Kiyomoto clan, but his great-grandfather was Kikugoro Onoe, the sixth generation of famous actor. He is also the first iemoto of Onoue. Our roots overlap, and I would like to repay the favor to my father, Bokuyuki, who taught me how to dance, and to me as well. I think he called out to Yoshito because he wanted to repay Yoshito even a little bit of that kindness. He remembered that the starting point was the Onoue stage, and wanted to repay my father, Bokuyuki, and me, so he chose Yoshito. I feel like Mr. Ukon has now passed the baton to my son, Yoshito.



I was born into a dance family, so I never performed on a Kabuki stage when I was a child. Although I may choreograph Kabuki, I never appear on stage as an actor. I had an admiration for Kabuki and had some struggles when I was young. Those two days were like that, watching my son do things that I wasn't able to experience this time, and really realizing that many things are ``connected.''



As for Yoshito, he seems to have come to love acting thanks to Mr. Ukon and everyone at the Ken no Kai. I want to go out again! That's what I'm saying.


Summer memories will continue next time!

Theater unit Shinpa no Ko Kinshu performance 130th anniversary of Kawatake Mokuami's death "New edition Itozakura"

September 2023th (Thursday) and 10th (Friday), 12
Nihonbashi Public Hall, Chuo Ward, Tokyo

Original work: Toshio Kawatake “Author’s House”
Screenplay/direction:Masafumi Saito
Starring: Kuriko Namino / Kikunojo Onoue / Yuga Yamato / Misao Tadano / Miyo Muraoka / Katsura Shizuhara / Naoya Ishibashi / Ayumi Shimonoto / Kizo Katata Shachu / Jiro Kitamura / Shingo Ichimura / Katsumi Sado

The play ``New Edition Itozakura'' is currently being rehearsed to great acclaim. I will talk more about the details next time!

Kikunojo Onoe


Born in March 1976 as the eldest son of Kikunojo Onoe (currently Bokuyuki), the third generation head of Nihon Buyo Onoe and the second generation. He studied under his father from the age of 3, and made his stage debut in ``Pine Green'' at the National Theater in 1981 (at the age of 1990). In 14 (at the age of 2011) he was allowed the name Seikaede Onoe. In August 8 (age 34), he inherited the title of Onoue's fourth iemoto, and at the same time assumed the name Onoue Kikunojo, the third. In addition to presiding over the Onoe-kai and Kikuju-kai dance clubs, he also presides over the "Itsei-kai" (a two-person gathering with Kyogen master Ippei Shigeyama) and his own recitals, creating both classical and new works. He continues to put a lot of effort into releasing various works. He is also actively collaborating with artists of various genres, including Eitetsu Hayashi, one of Japan's leading Japanese drum players.

For inquiries about the online salon "K2 THEATER", which was launched with Kanjuro Fujima, the XNUMXth head master of the Fujima school of Japanese dance, or the "Kikunojo FAN CLUB", please contact:Onoue official website.


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Onoe Kikunojo Diary ~Listen to good things~

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