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"To you shining" review as much as you want


Taiga Drama "To Shineru Kimi #2 Encounter" Don't say anything else. I just admire Yuriko Yoshitaka!

From the initial "Bimyeo" mode, the mode changed to "I want to watch over you warmly"



I'm Edit S, in charge of this week's unlimited reviews. The first episode began with a startling development in which the heroine's mother was murdered, and moreover, she was stabbed to death. My first impressions were that the Heian period sets and architecture of the imperial palace were new, and perhaps because I was unfamiliar with it, I was a little confused, unsure, and withheld judgment.



In the first place, when you watch a taiga drama for the first time, you either try to find someone's fault like a mother-in-law who bullies her daughter-in-law, or you turn a blind eye to some of the flaws as if you were warmly watching the debut of your favorite idol. To be honest, the first time, I was in mother-in-law mode. As an extension of that, the second episode was greeted with a slightly cold feeling, but it suddenly turned into a warm watching mode.



This is probably due in large part to the mysterious presence of the heroine, Yuriko Yoshitaka. At this time, let's not make excuses like, ``The dialogue sounds modern, or people wouldn't have used those words in the Heian period.'' At the beginning, in the costume ceremony scene, Mahiro says, ``Wow!'' and asks Nobutaka, ``I can't be happy,'' and asks, ``What is happiness?'' It almost has the feel of a modern conversation. When I thought carefully about using my voice to act as a scribe, I went beyond mejira and was now in the realm of appare.

Is Yoshitaka-san's Murasaki Shikibu from "The Snake and the Earrings" playing the role of Hamari?

If you think about it, Yoshi has shown many different roles, including her shocking role in ``The Snake and the Pierce'', the lively heroine in ``Hanako and Anne'', and the shadowy president in ``Beloved''. As for Mr. Taka, I'm secretly intrigued by the fact that he's a little mysterious, naturally out of touch, and fearless. When he once appeared in ``A Toast to Tsurube's Family,'' he showed off his mysteries to the fullest, even against the battle-hardened Mr. Tsurube.



Back in the Heian period, Murasaki Shikibu was probably not an otaku in the study group, but a kind of wonder girl, and perhaps a fearless woman. And I think NHK also cast Yoshitaka because of that kind of character setting.
I would like to say one thing out loud here: I am not a Yoshitaka fan. In fact, she still thinks, ``She's kind of a sharp actress.'' (Sorry, Yoshitaka-san). I wanted Riho Yoshioka to play Murasaki Shikibu! ! She's from Kyoto.

In the future, will it be a suspenseful theatrical development filled with love and hate?

Well, the second time around, the drama started to move little by little. However, with the heroine's mother being suddenly stabbed to death, the younger brother seeing his older brother covered in blood, and the Emperor being poisoned, I have a feeling that the plot will be filled with grudges. If you google it a bit, you will find that the three brothers, Michitaka, Michikane, and Michinaga, whose father was Kaneie, engaged in a number of schemes to win over the Emperor, and various "rebellions" that are not covered in history textbooks. This seems to have happened during this period.



I watched the scene on NHK where Emperor Hanayama, pretending to be a "slut" (?), boasted that he had a relationship with both mother and daughter, but I thought it was a vulgar line. , apparently this is also true. (I feel like I don't have to bring up that anecdote...)

I have a fantasy that Riho Yoshioka won't appear in Izumi Shikibu...



There are no flashy battle scenes like in the Sengoku period, and the drama seems to move smoothly even without Hikaru Genji appearing in the play within the play. A handsome nobleman composes waka poems, admires flowers, birds, wind and the moon, and visits his beautiful wife who wears a 2-hite robe every night. This was the only image I had of the Heian aristocrats, and the muddy love-hate drama that unfolds is perhaps a two-hour drama with a suspense theatrical twist? I can foresee something like that in the future. Abe Seimei's sudden appearance is also somewhat suggestive... Including this, the second episode was a Heian period drama entertainment that no one had seen before, and I had a feeling that it was going to be interesting in the future.



Hopefully, Riho Yoshioka's name will not be mentioned in the 8th casting announcement. How about a role for Izumi Shikibu that could be played by Akiko, who is the same as Murasaki Shikibu...? Then, I suddenly thought, speaking of Yuriko Yoshitaka and Arata Iura, aren't they the two abnormal characters from "Snake and Pierce"? ! And if Kohei Matsushita joins the mix, wouldn't it be like the world of ``Saiai''?



But were the Heian aristocrats, and moreover, the heirs of the upper aristocracy, riding horses so loosely and practicing archery with their skin exposed? I would like to ask Professor Kazuhiro Kuramoto, a historical researcher, about this. And, although this is not a big deal, in the opening title background, the hand that extends from the bottom right is strangely thin and looks like an ET, which I think is a bit creepy... Originally, Mekjira mode was supposed to be sealed.





What is the review of “To Shining You”?

"Premium Japan Literature Club" was formed by literature lovers within the Premium Japan editorial department (exaggeration). For literature lovers, the 2024 taiga drama ``Hikaru Kimi e'' was a perfect opportunity to discuss this and that. Volunteers from the editorial department will continue to freely review articles. For the first time, Editor N reviewed the differences between historical fact and drama, and a deep dive into foreshadowing!


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"To you shining" review as much as you want

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