“To you shining” Review as much as you want“To you shining” Review as much as you want


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"To you shining" review as much as you want


Taiga drama ``Hikaru Kimi e #3 Mysterious Man'' I watch it thinking Mahiro and Yuriko Yoshitaka are Mito Komon.

There are many mountains that I want to watch over warmly.


This week's editor is N. Last week, Editor S expressed his generosity by saying, ``I want to watch over you warmly,'' but I'm still curious. A daughter of an aristocrat strutting around town, working as a ghostwriter in front of an artist's store and earning money? ? ? The setting is the Heian period, right? I'm not a town girl from Edo. There was no way he could move around so freely, and I find it fascinating that his masterpiece, The Tale of Genji, was created in such a cramped life.

Mahiro decides to think it's Mito Komon!



This time's "Mysterious Man" also had a surprising setting from the beginning. During the Heian period, paper was an extremely valuable item. ``The Pillow Book'' and ``The Tale of Genji'' could not have been written without patrons who provided large quantities of paper. However, when Mahiro finds out, he draws a portrait of Saburo on a precious piece of paper (it doesn't look like him at all) and orders his younger brother, Yoshinori Fujiwara, to go find him. Everything is fine, that's how it is.



... But I was finally able to give up. Well, you can think of this as watching ``Mito Komon''. A long-running TV historical drama about Mito Mitsukuni, the world's vice general who lives in the retirement of a chirimen wholesaler in Echigo, and travels around Japan. That's it. The real Mitsukuni Mito is not just wandering around and trying to fix the world while doing so. But with such a fictional setting, it is loved as a historical drama... I decided to think of Mahiro, played by Yuriko Yoshitaka, as Mito Komon-sama. Mahiro-san, please live freely in Heiankyo like the chirimen wholesaler in Echigo.



But after all, I might continue to be disappointed in the strange settings... At that time, I will explain to you (also known as taking a step back) what is wrong with it.


Are you in a relationship with Rinko Minamoto, played by your love rival Haru Kuroki? !



This time, Rinko Minamoto, played by Haru Kuroki, appeared. She later became Michinaga's legal wife. She is a noble Rinko-sama who treats Mahiro with a smile, thinking to herself, ``Read the atmosphere!'' Mahiro shows no signs of reading the atmosphere! I was a little excited to see what the future holds for this completely opposite girl. From now on, the two of them will walk different lives with Michinaga in between them. I'm looking forward to it.



Looking at the preview for next week, it seems that Rinko's father, Minister of the Left, Masanobu Minamoto, has let Rinko enter the palace. If she was the daughter of the Minister of the Left, she would have been raised as a ``Kisakigane.'' A dowager is a daughter of an aristocrat who has been educated in hopes of joining the emperor's court in the future. I think Rinko probably felt the same way in her heart. However, will she miss her chance to enter the palace and end up marrying Michinaga?



Come to think of it, in ``The Tale of Genji,'' Hikaru Genji's legal wife, Aoi no Ue, was the daughter of the Minister of the Left and was raised as his dowager. However, due to her father's wishes, she becomes Hikaru Genji's legal wife. The reason why Aoi no Ue couldn't open up to Hikaru Genji is because he is older than her, and even though she was actually expected to join him after that! It was because of my carefree nature. At that time, joining the court was the path for a woman to get promoted, so even though she was the wife of Hikaru Genji, it may have been difficult for her to change her mind. I look forward to future developments in this area.


I think Bando Minosuke's performance as Emperor Enyu is wonderful. The emptiness and cunning that the emperor, a powerful man with no actual status, shows at random times. I'm impressed by how good it is every time. Nobutaka Fujiwara, played by Kuranosuke Sasaki, who will eventually become Mahiro's husband, is also good at things, easy-going, and has good taste. When this person appears, the screen will close. he feels relieved.




Although it has a Mito-Komon flavor, I think that the story continues to expand because of the charm of The Tale of Genji, which made me want to read The Tale of Genji for the first time in a while...!






What is the review of “To Shining You”?

"Premium Japan Literature Club" was formed by literature lovers within the Premium Japan editorial department (exaggeration). For literature lovers, the 2024 taiga drama ``Hikaru Kimi e'' was a perfect opportunity to discuss this and that. Volunteers from the editorial department will continue to freely review articles. Editor S and Editor N reviewed the differences between historical facts and dramas, a deep dive into foreshadowing, and more!


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"To you shining" review as much as you want

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