"To you shining" review as much as you want"To you shining" review as much as you want


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"To you shining" review as much as you want


I was amazed by the play of Emperor Hanayama in the taiga drama ``Hikaru Kimi e #4 Gosseki no Maihime''. NHK, you can't go too far...


This week's editor is S. Thank you very much, Beautiful Maihime of Gosetsu. As expected from NHK. Where exactly was the photo taken? In-house studio? Location? Or CG? It was a perfect situation, serving as the climax of the four episodes that have aired so far, and also as the scene in which Mahiro realizes Saburo's true identity. However, up until that point, the 4th episode was full of questions, and although I was a defender in the 4nd episode of ``Say whatever you want,'' by the time I finished watching the 4th episode, the yellow light was flashing. I am.



Why is this scene necessary? There are many inappropriate and unnecessary scenes...



How did Emperor Enyu know that he had been poisoned? Even though he is disguised as a commoner, does Nobutaka (Sasaki Kuranosuke) not realize that the man he meets in the city is Saburo? (Maybe pretending not to notice)



Was it necessary to include an episode in which a thief sneaks into the Minister of the Left's house, dressed like an Edo-period ninja? The same goes for the unnecessary interaction with the nanny in the scene where Toki (Goro Kishitani), drunk at the banquet, goes to the menagerie after his appointment is decided. The climax is the scene where Emperor Hanayama begins to engage in some kind of bondage play. Even though Emperor Hanayama left many anecdotes about the area, it is still a great show that even elementary school students watch on Sundays at 8 p.m. I feel like if they cut out inappropriate and unnecessary scenes, it would feel a little less loose.



And the exchange between the princesses at the Minister of the Left's house. I've said it many times before, but it can't be helped that the dialogue is modern, but is there something that can be done about it? The tension of the drama suddenly collapses at that point.

Could you draw the pure love scene between Mahiro and Michinaga a little better?



As far as the pure love between Mahiro and Michinaga has been seen up to the fourth episode, I think there is a way to depict it a little better... Just looking at each other's faces and silently praying will not convey your feelings. As for the music, when it comes to pure love scenes, an acoustic guitar plays, and I feel like it's not just about creating a mood...



On the other hand, when Kaneie, played by Yasunori Danda, and Michitaka, played by Arata Iura, appear, the drama really tightens up. I'm sure many viewers think it would be more interesting to put the conflict over power between the Minister of the Left family and the Minister of the Right family at the center of the story, and show the turmoil of the situation head-on. I hope that the events that will probably be depicted in the future, such as Emperor Hanayama being forced to become a priest due to a conspiracy by Kaneie and others after he reigned for less than two years, will become more interesting.

Yu Emoto and Ryuji Akiyama are nice castings



What was surprising was Tasuku Emoto, who plays Michinaga. It's a big difference from when she played the role of a dirty assistant in ``GeGeGe no Wife''. That cool look on his face makes him look like the heir of an aristocratic family. I was a little skeptical when the cast was announced, but now I'm completely convinced. Nice casting. And there's another person, and this one was even more surprising, Ryuji Akiyama. Among many male actors with slim faces, his plump features make him stand out. What's more, he plays Sanesuke Fujiwara, who is said to be a serious and well-educated man with a lot of knowledge, and is extremely likable. This is also nice casting.

Relationship between “Dragonfly Diary” drawn by the woman in “Squid Skin Juice” and “The Tale of Genji”



While looking at the character relationship chart, I noticed that Michinaga's half-brother was Fujiwara Michitsuna. In other words, his half-brother's mother was a woman called "Michitsuna's mother." I thought I had heard her name somewhere... Yes, she is the woman who left behind the famous Hyakunin Isshu poem, ``Mother of the Udaisho Michitsuna,'' which goes, ``As I sleep alone in mourning, I realize how long she has belonged to me.'' A long time ago, she was the author of a song that she memorized by saying, ``Mourning is squid skin juice'' and a very vulgar combination of grounders (Michitsuna's mother and Fujiwara Teika-san, I'm sorry).



I see, the cold-hearted man who didn't visit was Kaneie, and I thought of Mr. Danta's face, and the world of Hyakunin Isshu suddenly became familiar to me. When I learned that the ``Dragonfly Diary'' that she left behind had a great influence on the creation of ``The Tale of Genji,'' and that there is a theory that Hikaru Genji's model was Kaneie, I suddenly became interested in watching the drama. , another interest arises. In that sense, sluggishness is no good. Let's look forward to future developments!





What is the review of “To Shining You”?

"Premium Japan Literature Club" (exaggeration) was formed by people who love literature within the Premium Japan editorial department. For literature lovers, the 2024 taiga drama ``Hikaru Kimi e'' was a perfect opportunity to discuss this and that. Volunteers from the editorial department will continue to freely review articles. Editor S and Editor N reviewed the differences between historical facts and dramas, a deep dive into foreshadowing, and more!


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"To you shining" review as much as you want

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