"To you shining" review as much as you want"To you shining" review as much as you want


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"To you shining" review as much as you want


Taiga Drama “To Shining Kimi #5 Confession” Is Michinaga’s motivation for success in life due to his love for Mahiro and redemption?

Wow! Reason why Michinaga aims to get promoted



This week's editor is N. This week, there was a scene where Michinaga and Mahiro met at Kawarain in Rokujo. A mysterious man, Naohide, guides us to Kawarain... seriously? Isn't that a ruin? No matter how Naohide is, I wonder how he would get Mahiro-san there... I wonder if Mahiro-san warped.




But this development is good! Michinaga hears Mahiro's confession and learns about the actions of his father, Kaneie, and older brother, Michikane. And having hatred towards them is a good setting. I thought it was great as a motivator for Michinaga to aim for promotion. He surpasses his father and brother, who are willing to put others in trouble for his own glory, and rises through the ranks for love and redemption for Mahiro-san...that's nice. I can understand the flow of the story, and the blueness of Michinaga's youth makes me excited. But Michinaga ends up marrying Rinko. Mahiro is shocked again.

Are the monks and shrine maidens comic relief?



It's wonderful to see how Michinaga's motivation for promotion is his love for Mahiro and redemption! I thought so, but please. Let me say it. From the beginning of this week's 5th Confession, I was surprised.



Mahiro was in bed. Because last week in ``Gosetsu no Maihime,'' I found Michikane, the man who killed his mother. She then realized that this was the older brother of the man she missed, Saburo, and fainted. This week, a priest and a shrine maiden will help Mahiro-san, who has been in bed since then, recover. It started with the scene where was called.



Yeah. They were very suspicious monks and shrine maidens. The shrine maiden keeps saying things like she's a god. Mr. Mahiro, who had lost his patience at the suspiciousness, got up with a start and coldly said, ``Don't call me that anymore!''

The view towards Buddhism at that time is also an important essence of ``The Tale of Genji.''



It's understandable that the priest and shrine maiden, who look so suspicious, are used as comic relief. However, ``The Tale of Genji'' depicts many Buddhist elements. Pray before giving birth. Pray for sickness too. Whether they were members of the imperial family or aristocrats, they did not have access to great medical care and had no choice but to pray. Also, the Buddhist idea underlying the story is that it is a story of cause and retribution, in which the connections from previous lives are repeatedly told, and I think that the Buddhist views of the time were one of the pillars that supported the story.



That's why I wondered what it would be like for Mahiro, the author of Genji, to make fun of monks as comic relief... I felt like he didn't really care about what was at the root of the story. Would Murasaki Shikibu make fun of him like that? and.



Editor S also said, ``I wish I could just draw it seriously and not try to make people laugh...'' Agree!

Mahiro-san struts around the streets of Heiankyo at night...it's dangerous!


I fully understand that it's okay to be detailed because it's a drama. But, isn't the meeting scene between Michinaga and Mahiro too forced?



Rokujo no Kawarain is the mansion of Minamoto no Toru. He is the main character of the Noh play ``Toru'' and is said to be one of the models for Hikaru Genji. In ``Genji,'' this is the setting for the scene in which Hikaru Genji and Yugao visit and he becomes possessed by Mononoke. I see. Did you come to that? However, I was stunned when I walked home alone at night. No, it's pitch black. You are bound to get robbed. There must have been some kidnappings.


I would have enjoyed watching “Good! Hikaru Genji-kun”, but...



Am I a "Tales of Genji" fundamentalist? No, that's not true! I loved the drama ``I Like! Hikaru Genji-kun,'' which was produced and aired on NHK. It was a fantastical story in which Hikaru Genji travels back in time to the home of a single woman in the present day, and although he is confused by the differences, he enjoys life and develops into a romantic relationship. It's also interesting that the fictional character Hikaru Genji travels back in time to the present day, and the episode in which Tono Chujo comes after him and becomes number one at the host club, it's refreshing and easy to see the world that he has made such a leap forward. I accepted it and enjoyed it.



I wrote in Part 3 that you should think of Mahiro as Mito Komon, but I just can't get over it. What do you think about something that doesn't make as much of a leap as "Hikaru Genji-kun" and is halfway modern? It's fine to have a modern tone, but I'd like the story to take into account the customs and times of the Heian period. Even though she is the daughter of a lower-class noble, she doesn't wander around town, and there's no way she'll do any ghostwriting work. It is a miracle that such a magnificent story was able to be written in the narrow society of the aristocratic class of the Heian period, with only about 500 people counted from top to bottom, and with many restrictions. I don't think she was just a woman who said what she wanted to say, acted freely, and even wrote novels like we do today. That's why I want the era to be properly expressed (hot)!

I wanted to read "The Tale of Genji" for the first time in a while. Am I a "Tales of Genji" fundamentalist after all? !







What is the review of “To Shining You”?

"Premium Japan Literature Club" (exaggeration) was formed by people who love literature within the Premium Japan editorial department. For literature lovers, the 2024 taiga drama ``Hikaru Kimi e'' was a perfect opportunity to discuss this and that. Volunteers from the editorial department will continue to freely review articles. Editor S and Editor N reviewed the differences between historical facts and dramas, a deep dive into foreshadowing, and more!


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"To you shining" review as much as you want

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