"To you shining" review as much as you want"To you shining" review as much as you want


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"To you shining" review as much as you want


The story of “To Shine #6 Two Talented Women” begins in earnest! Dark intentions are coming together!

NHK Taiga Drama ``Hikaru Kimi e'' say whatever you want. This week, we're going to change things up a bit and have a discussion, or rather an open discussion, between the people in charge. Although he's a loose talker, the things he says are even more extreme.



It was interesting because the story started to move.


N child “This time was fun!”
M man "I thought so too. Why?"
N child "I think it's because the story has finally begun to move. It feels like the introductions of the characters and the setting are finally over. Michinaga and Akiko (Yoshida Yo) are all starting to get dark."
M man ``Even Mahiro says that he is going to the Minister of the Left's house for the sake of his father and his family, and he gets caught up in the maelstrom of conspiracy.However, one thing I don't understand is why Junko summoned the Minister of the Left and threatened him. Did you just ask for help?”
N child "It's revenge for my father who poisoned Emperor Hanayama. Akiko was the mother of Emperor Ichijo, but she held power as the Mother of the Country during the Ichijo Dynasty, and later became the Higashi-Sanjoin, the first woman to receive the title of Nyoin. She must have been a woman with a strong desire for power.''
M man "That's right. That's why that scene isn't as outrageous as it is, and it's not a wasted scene. The thieves that appeared before also appear again this time. Naohide (Katsuya Maikuma) is probably one of them. I kind of expected it, but I wonder if next time he'll appear with a bandage on his arm that was hit by an arrow, and Mahiro will say, ``What's wrong?'' Or maybe he'll meet Michinaga as well.''

Incomprehensible scenes are becoming fewer and fewer



N child ``If that's the case, it's a bit ridiculous.The scene that didn't make sense this time was when Mahiro proudly created a story about a lady-in-waiting who collapsed during the Gosetsu no Mai in front of the Sangaku members. Will there be any collection in the future?

M man``There was a scene in which Mahiro strangely nods at the word 'interesting things', so I think it's a foreshadowing to 'The Pillow Book'.''

N child ``Certainly, the biggest draw of this episode is the appearance of Kikyo and Sei Shonagon, but I wonder why he draws them in such a deformed manner.Murasaki Shikibu complains that Sei Shonagon is a woman with no nose, which is relatively common. It's a fact that most people know, but it doesn't have to be that extreme."

M man ``The reason why Sei Shonagon and Murasaki Shikibu served Sadako and Shoko, respectively, is because their eras do not overlap slightly, so it is unclear whether they actually encountered each other. Speaking of extremes, my father told me to go to a Chinese poetry meeting. There's something about the scene where the younger brother refuses, saying, ``It's impossible, it's impossible.'' That tone doesn't sound like a high school student these days.However, the scene at the Chinese poetry meeting was quite interesting. For me, this scene may have been a big factor in why I felt this way.I like the fact that the producers didn't neglect the existence of Chinese poetry and Japanese poetry, which were essential in the imperial court at the time. ”

Check “X” while watching TV. Various posts on-time



N child ``The scenes that don't make sense are becoming less and less.While I was watching TV, I was also watching ``X'' about ``Hikaru Kimi e'' at the same time, and each nobleman was showing off his own work. Immediately people post that Michinaga's Chinese poem is so-and-so from Hakurakuten, and that Kimin's Chinese poem is so-and-so.

M man "Wow. That's amazing."

N child "I'd say I'm more knowledgeable or more like an otaku. But I think it's a good thing to be able to feel even a little closer to the Heian period, which I had no idea about until now."

M man "That's right. I said something arrogant earlier about how the times when Sei Shonagon and Murasaki Shikibu were in the imperial court didn't overlap in the slightest, but I've recently been reading new books about The Tale of Genji and Murasaki Shikibu. Dronawa is also a good place.”

N child "Amazing. I'm hooked! But I'm surprised that I'm so interested in the Heian period. Even if Oda Nobunaga or Toyotomi Hideyoshi were the main characters, I wouldn't want to read a book about them now."

M man "That's right. If Dronawa's knowledge is revealed, in the future, the erotic Emperor Hanayama will be forcibly abdicated due to a plot by the Udaijin family led by Kaneie, and a feud will arise between Michitaka's (Arata Iura) children and Michinaga. It’s quite eventful.”

N child “I have to go there.”

M man ``It seems that Michinaga also took advantage of Seimei Abe quite a bit.''

N child ``I want everyone to get angry and turn into a mess.The scriptwriter, Shizuka Oishi, said in an interview somewhere a long time ago, ``This drama depicts sex and violence,'' excited"

M man "Hey, that's why Emperor Hanayama did that."

*At the heated Chinese poetry meeting on "X", Michinaga read Bai Juyi's "Remembering Gen9 for Chrysanthemum Sake on the Nine Days of the Imprisoned Period". ("Bakuji Bunshu" Volume 14) It seems that this song was written in memory of his friend Motoko.The research ability of "X" is amazing.


Who shares the gift cup?
Miyahana fully grasps each other's thoughts
Soshi Tadashi Hanabetate
Chrysanthemum Poetry


The gift of wine is in the cup, but no one can share it with me.
Miyahana is full of sadness and thinks to himself.
We stood beside each other by the flowers,
Jinnichi-kun recites the chrysanthemum poem.

What will happen to the relationship between Michinaga and Murasaki Shikibu?



M man"I'm suddenly being looked after, but in the end, did Michinaga and Murasaki Shikibu have a relationship? A relationship is between a man and a woman..."

N child ``There seem to be various theories, but I think there was a relationship between a man and a woman! Such a caring wife is called a servant.She takes care of the noble's personal affairs and is also said to be his mistress... …”

M man "I see... I wasn't just a financial patron."

N child "It's already decided, isn't it?"

M man "What will happen in the drama? Will it be pure love, or will it be hinted at?"

N child "I think it'll give a hint. Maybe we'll bring Murasaki Shikibu into the shadows of the screen blinds and have a blackout, or we'll show a scene of Kinuginu."

M man "Hmm. It's like I want you to pass it out of pure love, but it doesn't seem like it. By the way, what on earth was the next preview? NHK is also really stupid."

N child "Eh? What do you mean?"

M man “Why is it necessary to show Kiminto (Keita Machida) a glimpse of his upper body and bare skin?”

N child “It was decided because we want young girls to see it! Wow, Keita Machida is wonderful.”

M man ``As far as I remember, Hidetoshi Nishijima in ``Yae no Sakura'' and Koji Yamamoto in ``13 People of Kamakura-dono'' were pointlessly exposing their muscular upper bodies.``What should Ieyasu do?'' I don't know because he left midway through, but I'm sure Matsujun was taking his clothes off anyway.''

N child "In order for young girls to start watching taiga dramas, they need to have a good-looking guy take off their skin."
M man “In that case, I would like Riho Yoshioka to appear so that the uncle can see more.”

N child "I'm still saying that. In any case, it's very good that the drama is finally starting to move and the characters are starting to have their own shadows. I'm looking forward to next week!"





What is the review of “To Shining You”?

"Premium Japan Literature Club" (exaggeration) was formed by people who love literature within the Premium Japan editorial department. For literature lovers, the 2024 taiga drama ``Hikaru Kimi e'' was a perfect opportunity to discuss this and that. Volunteers from the editorial department will continue to freely review articles. Editor S and Editor N reviewed the differences between historical facts and dramas, a deep dive into foreshadowing, and more!


Premium Salon

"To you shining" review as much as you want

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