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"To you shining" review as much as you want


“To Shine #8 Uninvited” The blonde shrine maiden surprises me! Is this an inappropriate development?

Concerned about future developments. Perhaps there is a limit to inappropriateness?

Hello, this week I'm the editor, M-man. Masochist is looking forward to seeing a Heian aristocrat full of intrigue, but this time he's a little disappointed. In fact, if things continue as they are, we have no choice but to have great doubts about future developments.



The Heian period, when spirits of the dead and living were rampant.



A feeling of apprehension welled up inside me. The concern is about future developments. I had high hopes that things would get more interesting from here on out.



Although I will express my concerns more fully later, what was most interesting was the prayer scene. Prayers and exorcisms must have been very important in this era, as N-san complained in the 5th episode of ``Whatever You Want to Say''. People at that time who seriously believed in the existence of vengeful spirits and were afraid of them must have carried out prayers and exorcisms very seriously.In ``The Tale of Genji'', spirits of the dead and living spirits, and one after another the women associated with Hikaru Genji, were killed. The dark heroine Rokujou Miyasudokoro, who was cursed to death, was quite a big presence.

The shrine maiden's brown hair caught my eye!



The scene where a large group of people were desperately praying in front of Kaneie on his hospital bed was recreated with proper historical research, so it was probably a scene close to that in real life, and it was not an ocharake like the previous prayer scene. There was a double circle. Wow, that was quite interesting. Yusuke Santamaria also seems to be gradually getting on board. However, I was struck by the fact that the shrine maiden (?) had brown hair, but I wonder if that was based on historical research.


What are the strings of the biwa made of?



Another thing that left an impression on me was the scene where Mahiro plays the biwa. Is it because they cut the passage of time in the direction of the production, or is that just that? Isn't there something to say? There was something a little unsatisfying about it that made me want to dig into it, but the tones filled with passion or grudge, something I've never heard on a daily basis, were very impressive. I wonder what the strings of the biwa are made of? Is it a horse's tail? Just when I was thinking about this, NHK was very nice in following up on the travelogue corner after completing the main story, explaining exactly what silk thread is made of. However, I can't help but think it's a little unreasonable that Michikane doesn't realize that the woman he killed eight years ago is Mahiro's mother.

Mahiro's maiden heart swaying between the two of them?



``Are you going with me?'' asked Naohide, and both were silent for a while. As a routine development after this scene, I expected Naohide to say, ``It's just a joke,'' but Mahiro says, ``Let's go.'' Eh, could this be Mahiro's maiden heart that sways between Michinaga and Naohide? I decided that it would be better not to meet Michinaga-sama anymore, so I switched to Naohide? Is it natural because Mahiro is a woman with a strong will? However, this development is not so unnatural for a drama, and if you look at it as a ``heart-pounding'' thing, I think it is heartwarming and not bad. What's not good is that Naohide's presence in the drama will be too large in anticipation of what will happen in the next two or three episodes.

Is it okay for a fictional character to play such an important role?



Katsuya Maikuma, who plays Naohide, is my favorite actor. The somewhat shadowy role he played in ``The Secret Pleasures of Kyoto People'' was also great. (Speaking of ``secret pleasures of Kyoto people,'' the last girl who met Maikuma-san was the baker's girl, Shuri, who is currently making waves. Great career!) However, Naohide... Just a fictional character. Is it okay for a fictional character to hold such an important position? I think he's gone beyond the realm of Kyogen. No matter how shameless Emperor Hanayama is, no matter how much Michikane is a psychopath, he is still a real person, and although it is possible to think that there may be such a thing, it is hard to believe that fictional characters have such an influence on the main characters. What's the point of giving it away?

Is Kohei Matsushita the next Naohide position?



I can forgive him until he jumps in as Michinaga's younger brother to Uchimari, but the ending where he breaks into the bandit and his face is broken, and the development in next week's preview, it's kind of unconventional, or absurd... If things continue at this pace, I have a lot of objections to future developments. It is tempting to say, ``There is a limit to inappropriateness.'' Maybe Naohide will fade out soon, and in the second half, the Song dynasty apprentice doctor played by Kohei Matsushita will be in a similar position? If that happens, I'll have to shake my head again. Hopefully, the drama will revolve around real people. (Apart from Taro Yabe, also known as Otomaru, who has great taste)




What did Real Michinaga call himself? Is it really mellow?



Also, as usual, this is just a minor detail, but there is something strange about the word "ore" that Mahiro's younger brother uses... If you google it, you will find that ``ole'' began to be used as the first person from the medieval period to the early modern period. Of course, NHK must be well aware of this and use it. However, no matter how low-class they are, the Heian aristocrats are a bit "me". By the way, what exactly did the real Heian aristocrats call themselves? Is it really “Maro”?





What is the review of “To Shining You”?

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Premium Salon

"To you shining" review as much as you want

Premium Salon

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