"To you shining" review as much as you want"To you shining" review as much as you want


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"To you shining" review as much as you want


“To Shining #9 A Distant Country” We are watching Eros and Thanatos’ “The Tale of Genji Episode Zero”!

I guess I'm watching "The Tale of Genji Episode Zero"...


Hello, I'm Nko, this week's editor and editor. I was feeling extremely depressed after hearing the news that Shohei Otani had gotten married, and it was hard for me to feel like writing a review. sorry.



This week, there was a lot of ``Heian nobility's sloppy appearance with a lot of intrigue'' that Mr. M-man expected. Kaneie is pretending to be ill, and Michikane also begins to seduce Emperor Hanayama by pretending to be abusive. Each one is full of desire.

However, this week was also a strange Heian period. Mahiro is mistaken for a group of thieves and unexpectedly arrested. His hands were tied and he was being led away. Wow. However, this week is all about Naohide's exit. I never expected it to disappear so soon. Shohei Otani also got married, Naohide was sent off, and I fell at his feet.



Naohide and his cheerful companions were executed in Toribeno due to various disagreements. It is also the place where Kiritsubo Soi and Aoiue are buried in ``The Tale of Genji''. The scene where Michinaga and Mahiro go through the forest in search of Naohide and his group is like a road trip in Kabuki. Isn't it romantic!


When they passed through the forest, it was too late and they saw Naohide and his friends dead. Michinaga can't help but regret that what he thought was a good act led to their deaths, so he and Mahiro dig in the ground and bury them (it's hard because you're doing it with your bare hands...).


It seems that each of these episodes will later lead to Michinaga's success and Mahiro's motivation to create. And it will make their bond even stronger. First love is something that is hard to forget.

The love triangle of Michinaga, Mahiro, and Rinko is starting to smell.



This week, Rinko didn't seem to be in the mood. I can't get Michinaga, also known as Saburo-kun, out of my mind. Mahiro hasn't noticed it yet, but will this triangle be exposed in the not too distant future? Wow, it's starting to hurt when I think of Mahiro's heart. tough. Mahiro understands that Michinaga will never be his. But what if he becomes someone else's property...? My heart is in turmoil.



I don't need him to be mine. But I don't want him to belong to someone else! This is the feeling that made people all over Japan, and indeed all over the world, saddened by Shohei Otani's marriage.


Death is always involved in Michinaga and Mahiro.



Something I noticed while watching this week is that Michinaga and Mahiro always have something to do with death. Mahiro's mother was killed by Michinaga's brother. The two meet at the dilapidated Rokujo residence, which is the place where Yugiri dies in ``The Tale of Genji.'' Naohide and others who were executed were buried in Toribeno. Death is always present in the stories of these two young children. It doesn't seem like their future will be happy, and their bond cannot be easily broken, or rather, it seems like their relationship is bound to rot. It makes me think of such a complicated relationship.


The Tale of Genji is also a story that deals a lot with death. Many people leave the story with death, including Kiritsubo, Aoi no Ue, and Yugiri. I wonder if that desolation stems from episodes like this? It makes me think.

Ha! Is this already “The Tale of Genji Episode Zero”?
Is it “Young Fujiwara Michinaga”?



We apply what we know about The Tale of Genji and the history of the Heian period to each episode that appears every week, and we say it's neither that nor that. We're being shown ``The Tale of Genji Episode Zero'' rather than ``Star Wars Episode Zero,'' or ``Young Fujiwara Michinaga'' rather than ``Young Sherlock Holmes.'' A fictional, pre-story story that no one has ever told before. Well, that's why it can't be helped that the Heian period is depicted in such a fantastical way.

I was shocked by the trailer.
A serious battle between Eros and Thanatos!


In next week's trailer, Michinaga and Mahiro! It was like, “Wow!” perhaps. Please be so. Even if Michinaga and Mahiro don't get married, I want them to fulfill their first love. But they do have a difficult bond. It's my first love, and it's full of fond memories of just the two of us, so Rinko, who will become my legal wife, must be very unhappy. I'll forgive him if he's a playmate, but Mahiro is in a different league.

A love story where death is always nearby. Please run through Episode Zero with Eros and Thanatos as your companions!





What is the review of “To Shining You”?

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"To you shining" review as much as you want

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