"To you shining" review as much as you want


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"To you shining" review as much as you want


“To Shine #11 Madou Kokoro” Real wife? concubine? Mahiro and Michinaga's delusions are torn apart by the fate of their tangled love.

Hello, I'm N-ko, this week's person in charge. Well, the story has finally started to roll in earnest from the 10th episode “Moonlit Conspiracy” that aired last time! I can't tell you how many times I've lost my temper during the incredible development so far! However, now that the characters/character settings have been introduced, I feel like I can focus on the future development of the story.


Mahiro, the creepy princess, goes to talk directly to Kaneie.


In the 11th episode of ``Madoshin'', even though his life has improved since he was appointed to the government, his father Tametoki loses his job due to Emperor Kazan's sudden decision to become a priest. Mahiro first asks Rinko, whose father is the Minister of the Left. However, he flatly refuses, but when Mahiro can't give up, he goes directly to Kaneie to negotiate. Kaneie's words were like a cold knife, and I was shocked. It's cold and cold.


Why would I go to Nokonoko? That's what I thought as I watched it, but I guess it was partly because I had no choice but to see what kind of place Michinaga lived.

Michinaga catches a glimpse of Mahiro
What was included in that gaze?


This was the episode where Mahiro and Michinaga began to have misunderstandings. Michinaga secretly visits Mahiro's home and catches a glimpse of Mahiro working hard in the vegetable garden. What was going through Michinaga's heart as he watched Mahiro work under the sun, wiping his sweat comfortably? There is no monologue here, just the performance of Tasuku Emoto's eyes. I somehow felt uncomfortable. I didn't think Michinaga despised Mahiro. But while he wants to help Mahiro with her plight, doesn't he also feel that there is a difference in status between himself and Mahiro, and an absolute difference in the status of their families? and.


When Mahiro rushes to meet her beloved Michinaga, he happily asks her to be his wife, but then asks, ``Will you take me to the north?'' This surprised me. Because in episode 7, during the Uchimari match, I overheard the noblemen's true thoughts. In order to advance in life, he must marry the daughter of a powerful man. At that time, you had decided to leave Michinaga!



Do women become greedy after their first love is fulfilled? I want to be the northern wife (legal wife) of the person I love. She doesn't want to live as a concubine, waiting for her husband to come. The feelings of ``Dragonfly Diary'' that you can deeply understand after learning about her love. For me, N-ko, that's how I interpreted it.


Until the collusion between Mahiro and Michinaga intersects.


While working on the farm, Mahiro was also devoted to his studies at home, transcribing ``Shiki'' and ``Choganga.'' She learns about politics and falls in love with a country... It's amazing how all this feeds into The Tale of Genji. I'm impressed by how well foreshadowed the story is in this 45-minute drama. I'm looking forward to seeing what his intentions are in writing The Tale of Genji in the future! It has been said that this is to liven up Akiko's salon, but will it be portrayed as Mahiro and Michinaga's collusion for social change?

My father, Tametoki, lost his job.
You have 10 years from now until you become Echizen no kami...


How will the story progress from here? According to historical facts, it will be 10 years before Mr. Tametoki is appointed Echizen no kami! For the past 10 years, I've been living side-by-side with my boyfriend's father, who lost his job, which is boring. It's about time I went to Echizen, and I started to feel like I wanted to see some changes in the surroundings and the setting. I don't feel like I can support my 10-year-old father with a vegetable garden!

In a sense, N-ko explodes with delusions about Nobutaka, the “man of destiny”
I feel at ease with his generosity, but...


Mr. Nobutaka, a kind man, came to comfort my father, Tametoki, who had been relieved of his duties, but this time, my delusions exploded. This generosity. This kindness. He knows both sour and sweet, and has the courage to swallow even muddy waters. This Nobutaka will become Mahiro's husband someday, but what if?


My fantasy is like this. Mahiro went to Echizen with his father and returned to Tokyo two years later before Tametoki. At that time, she enjoys meeting Michinaga for the first time in a while, but she unexpectedly becomes pregnant! Considering the power balance with Michinaga's legal wife, Rinko, and his legal wife, Akiko, Mahiro is reluctant to participate in the war as a concubine, and is unable to tell Michinaga that she is pregnant. She noticed the change in Mahiro's behavior, but it was Nobutaka's uncle who silently accepted her...Isn't it like "Kiritsubomaki"? ? ?



Mahiro-san, is this a little too scandalous...?

What is the review of “To Shining You”?

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"To you shining" review as much as you want

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