"To you shining" review as much as you want


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"To you shining" review as much as you want


“To Shine #13 The path we should take” Ex-girlfriend Mahiro comes to ex-boyfriend Michinaga’s house! What will happen to them four years later?

Hello, N-ko is on duty this week. The 13th episode, ``The Way We Should Go,'' takes place four years after that night of waiting for Koshin. Michinaga married Princess Rinko and Princess Akiko, and Princess Akiko was born to Princess Akiko. Lately, Princess Akiko also informed Michinaga of her pregnancy. Four years later, Mahiro's situation remains the same. His father Tametoki's job as a government official fails, so he goes shopping and tries to barter for the vegetables he grew himself. My life in poverty continues.

I want to change society even a little!
Is Mahiro, the reformer of society, committed to literacy education?


After an encounter at the market, Mahiro decides to teach the common people how to read and write. I want to prevent people from being deceived or forced into disadvantageous situations due to their inability to read or write. And he wants to make society a better place... Mahiro's thoughts have not changed at all, and he begins to provide literacy education to the poor but unable to earn money.



Last week, M-Otoko-san was praised for overturning conventional images by portraying not only the elegant court life of the Heian period, but also the thoughts of various women in ``To the Hikaru Kimi.'' indeed. However, it would be fine if monks and nuns did it, but what about literacy education? I think Mahiro's high level of consciousness is based on the Reiwa standards, not the Heian period.



I wonder if Michinaga will support Mahiro's activities in the future? If that happens, wouldn't it be like the TV historical drama "Ooka Echizen"? Echizen Ooka and his childhood friend Iori Sakakibara, a doctor. Echizen is secretly supporting the Koishikawa Sanatorium run by Iori in order to help the sick common people...Is this the case?

Because Mahiro is an unconventional image of a woman
Could it be Murasaki Shikibu?


I may have written about this before, but I don't like Bildungsroman, so-called growth stories, especially big growth stories that aim at social change. Rather than big stories like ``I want to see the wider world'' or ``I want to change the world,'' I'm more interested in the inner growth of people. but. I had second thoughts for a moment.



I remembered something that a professor famous for his research on the Tale of Genji once said to me. According to the teacher, ``The Tale of Genji'' was quite an unconventional work at the time. At that time, there were many stories depicting strange phenomena, such as ``Utsubo Monogatari.'' ``The Tale of Genji'' also depicts strange things, such as the ghost of the Rokujo no Miyashojo killing Aoi no Kami, but that is not the main story. Many stories that were mainstream at the time have been scattered or are no longer read even if they remain, but the Tale of Genji survived for 1000 years because it was so different. I think so.



If you think about it that way, it might be okay for a woman named Mahiro to be depicted as a woman with extraordinary ambition and action, rather than being portrayed like a stereotypical princess from the Heian period. From my heart, I truly believe that The Tale of Genji is an amazing work. Is it a modern novel? There are descriptions like this, and I'm surprised that so many things were written during the Heian period. That's why I reconsidered that perhaps the portrayal of Mahiro, a woman with explosive energy, was appropriate for the author of the substandard work ``The Tale of Genji.''

Kaneie is entering old age. Sadako's admission.
From here on comes the turbulent generational change.


It was also a week when Kaneie's aging accelerated. The people around me were shocked to see this. The waves of generational change continue to sweep in. Sadako, the daughter of Kaneie's eldest son, Michitaka, entered the court of Emperor Ichijo. Although she was an older sister's wife, Princess Teiko was bright and charming, and had already won hearts by playing hide-and-seek with Emperor Ichijo, who was still a boy. Oh, Teiko-sama is so innocent and cute. She's a beloved character.


And Princess Akiko also appears. She is like her father, Michinaga, and speaks slowly, like a absent-minded princess. I see. I can't help but fall in love with the charm of Sadako-sama, who is a bright, friendly and beloved character... After this, Michinaga invites Mahiro to become Princess Akiko's wife and forms a salon, hoping to win the heart of Emperor Ichijo with her charm. I wonder if the process of writing ``The Tale of Genji'' will also be depicted. I was imagining such foreshadowing as I watched it.

Is your ex-girlfriend at home? why?
I'm guilty of running into someone there!


The kind-hearted Rinko-sama invites Mahiro-san, who is looking for a job, to her home for the first time in a while, and they have a chat. Maybe it was a woman who took the text from Michinaga's text box without permission? Hey, hey, that's Mahiro's sentence! That made me nervous as I watched. More than that, Mahiro! What will you do if Michinaga comes back after you go out? picture? That's what I thought, and as expected. Michinaga, go home. It's great to end this week with a scene where they bump into each other. Don't get invited to your ex-boyfriend's house! That's what I thought, but I love these kinds of misunderstandings and chance reunions!



However, Princess Akiko receives Kaneie's fan and works hard at cursing, so it was a very eventful episode. Akiko-sama is so persistent. I admire the figure design of Rokujo no Miyasudokoro! And from now on, it seems that Mahiro will be filled with jealousy. Even if Princess Rinko finds out about the relationship between Mahiro and Michinaga, will she still accept him as Princess Akiko's wife? It was a time when my imagination and delusions continued to expand. I look forward to next week too!

What is the review of “To Shining You”?

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"To you shining" review as much as you want

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