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"To you shining" review as much as you want


“To Shining You #19 The Arrow That Was Released” Michinaga approaches power, and Ishu is impatient. Mahiro and Big Mouth

Michinaga is steadily approaching power, and Ishu hastily removes it.
After all, men can't afford it.

This is N-ko who is on duty this week. This time it started moving! Michinaga's cleverness and ease of mind shined through.


Emperor Ichijo appointed Michinaga as Minister of the Right. It surpasses Ishu, the Minister of the Interior. Does Emperor Ichijo want to become Kanpaku? When I asked Michinaga, the answer was no. I just want to be in a place where political topics are discussed and have festivals. Emperor Ichijo seemed to be impressed by Michinaga's lack of desire for power. Princess Teiko was worried when she saw Emperor Ichijo's expression.



In response to this, Ishu's impatience was at its peak. Instead of visiting the shrine, he stayed at home with his younger brother Takaie. It doesn't matter if it's rotten, it just makes things even more complicated... However, Shohei Miura plays Ishu. He's usually a handsome guy with a sweet demeanor, but when he's dealing with a bad guy like this, he's different. He's such a good-looking guy that it makes me feel like he's no good.

oh! I wrote out “Mido Kanpakuki”
Rinko-san, take a quick look.


Michinaga, who has risen to the position of Minister of the Right, is offered various wisdom by his henchmen. As a calligrapher (a person who is good at handwriting), Yukinari, who is counted as one of the three great calligraphers, exchanges letters with the women of each family, so he is trying to find out the movements of various court nobles. I get an idea. Michinaga is also enthusiastic, but Yukinari tells him to burn the report immediately because it is confidential, but Michinaga cannot remember it. So why not write it down in his diary? This was the episode that led to the establishment of ``Mido Kanpakuki.'' This was a very interesting flow.


However, all of Michinaga's entourage are writing diaries. Yukinari's ``Gonki'' and Sanesuke (played by Robert Akiyama) the ``Shoyuki'', all of which are still read today.


But Rinko-sama. I was constantly glancing at Michinaga's diary, which was spread out on the writing desk. The setting was supposed to be that you can't read Chinese, but can you actually read it? After this, there may be an episode where the secret between Michinaga and Mahiro is revealed by secretly looking at Michinaga's diary.

Is it possible to invite your friends to the palace?
Mahiro meets Sadako-sama


There was a scene where Mahiro appeared to Teiko and Emperor Ichijo through the intercession of Kikyo-san, also known as Sei Shonagon. Mahiro-san read Shingafu in Big Mouth and was surprised to hear that he suggested to Emperor Ichijo that we should live in a world where people could participate in festivals regardless of their social status, like in the Sung Dynasty. Wow. However, Mahiro's desire to make the world a better place. Isn't it too straight?


That's not the only thing that surprised me. Emperor Ichijo suddenly appeared before Princess Sadako. I took his hand and the two of us went inside. Is it lunchtime? Which way? Apparently this episode is also depicted in "Makura no Soshi"!
Must read!

At this point, Mahiro appeared before Emperor Ichijo and brazenly said that he would like to become a country where festivals are held based on merit, regardless of social status. However, he was promoted to Jugoi (Junior Fifth Rank) before his release, and this was the beginning of his formal promotion to the rank of Tono Shonin. Next week, there will be an episode where Tametoki is changed from Awaji no kami to Echizen no kami due to Mahiro's meddling or excessive behavior.



According to historical fact, after he was appointed Awaji no kami, he said, ``On a cold night of study, with red tears and a black collar, and in the morning after removing his eyes, he was in a blue sky. ) to Emperor Ichijo, which seems to have brought him to tears. So, he was suddenly changed to Echizen no kami from a more powerful country. However, Minamoto no Kunimori, who was originally appointed as Echizen no kami, was surprised when he was suddenly dismissed. He was so shocked that he fell ill, and although he was appointed Harima no kami in his next move, he died of illness. I feel so bad.

However, Mahiro was unable to find a husband because his father had been unemployed for 10 years. That's why I could say that I was able to keep my feelings towards Michinaga. I feel a little bad about it though. I like how it depicts her strong will to not become a concubine no matter how difficult the situation is. In this era, I thought it was new to be portrayed as having the power to decide whether or not to get married.

The reason for the downfall of the Nakakanpaku family
Ishu, Takaie's turmoil


However, this week was a very intense episode. Because of a misunderstanding between Ishu and Takaie of the Nakakanpaku family, they mistakenly attacked Retired Emperor Hanayama, leading to a plan to cause trouble. If you look at the preview for next week, it looks like it's going to be an exciting turn of events. Ishu and Takaie were exiled, and Sadako cried and prayed to Emperor Ichijo to alleviate the sins of her brothers.


If things continue like this, the Echizen edition will be staged at the end of this month. I get the impression that this has been a long time. After all, the real story begins when Mahiro goes to Echizen with his girlfriend's father, returns to Kyoto by himself, and begins working at the palace. I look forward to the developments from next week onwards.

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"To you shining" review as much as you want

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