"To you shining" review as much as you want


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"To you shining" review as much as you want


“To Shine #20 Beyond Hope” Surprise and Astonishment The Chugu Palace is in the hallway of the palace palace? ? Is Teiko-sama Takumi Asano? ?

Teiko-sama, who was once adorable like a doll, has suddenly changed! !

I'm the masochist man on duty this week. I was surprised, already. By all accounts, it's about Sadako-sama. How could he suddenly pull out the sword of the Kenpeishi who was nearby? I thought it was Takumi Asano in the hallway of Tono Nakamatsu. I had learned by some time that Sadako would lose her hair after the Chotoku Incident, but I never expected it to turn out like that. It's not a historical fact, is it? However, as a drama, it had a big impact, and after a while I was impressed with how well it was done.



If you think about it, Princess Sadako, who had to leave Emperor Ichijo because of the outrageous behavior of her two older brothers, could not have been at peace in her heart, and must have been furious with regret. The sudden change in Sadako-sama, who has always been doll-like, had a huge impact.


Rinko is also becoming more and more black.


Speaking of sudden changes, I was also surprised by Rinko-sama's black appearance. In the end, it was Rinko's Kyogen play, not Ishu's, that cursed Princess Shoko, right? In the beginning, she was a no-nonsense young lady who loved cats, but before she knew it, she had become a scary woman. Even though Michinaga was vaguely aware that it was Rinko's doing, he acquiesced. She's a bad person.


If you look it up on wiki, it turns out that Michinaga was actually the mastermind behind the Chotoku Incident, but it would be a little inconvenient for the drama to make him the bad guy, so I guess they decided to develop it this way. Well, there's nothing I can do about it.


On a side note, the wiki says that Fujiwara Sainobu's younger sister, ``Yonokimi'', who Kazanin attended, later became Michinaga's concubine. Well, you could say it was disorderly, or you could say that the aristocratic society at that time was narrow...

Mahiro and Sei Shonagon sneak into the Chugu Palace in disguise.

It's not a drifting skit!


Now, Mahiro. I wonder what he was doing, sneaking into the Chugu Imperial Palace with Sei Shonagon in a disguise, even carrying a twig. I thought it was impossible, or maybe it was just a drifting skit, but the two of them were cute in their disguises, so I'll forgive them.


Aside from that, it was thanks to Mahiro that my father was selected as the Echizen Province governor. It was Mahiro who wrote a Chinese poem that moved Emperor Ichijo. Although that was probably not the case in historical fact, I really thought that this drama carried the story quite well.


Mahiro was moved when his father asked him about his relationship with Michinaga. Although she had a relationship with him, she had a dignified and refreshing look that she had put aside as a thing of the past. At this time, Mahiro was in his mid-twenties. He's already a fine adult.


I didn't know that ``Millow Book'' was written after Princess Sadako's misfortune! !


We are finally in Echizen next week. Kohei Matsushita also made a brief appearance in the preview. The famous opening line of ``The Pillow Book'', ``Spring is Akebono,'' was also included. So, I'm embarrassed to say that I'm exposing my own ignorance, but was ``The Pillow Book'' written after Teiko Chugu lost her hair? ?


When I looked into it, it seems that there are many theories that it was established between 995 and 1001. Well, that means that most of the parts were written after Sadako's misfortunes. I did not know. I had always assumed that it was written at the same time as the Teiko Salon, when it was flourishing. They didn't teach me that at school.


In any case, I learned quite a bit from this taiga, as I learned about the author of Hyakunin Isshu and the Pillow Book. And are my feelings for Michinaga really a thing of the past? I was thinking that, but it looks like there was a hugging scene in the next preview... Hmm, I'm annoyed, or maybe it's NHK's trick to get me to tune in next time...



Yusuke Santamaria has a great taste.


And one more thing. Towards the end, surrounded by green bamboo, what was Seimei Abe doing? It's probably a rule of Onmyo-do or something, and it's definitely true based on historical research. Looking back, Seimei Abe appears at important moments and becomes the driving force behind the story, just like in a Kyogen play. By the way, the first opening was also by Seimei Abe. Yusuke Santamaria is also pretty good, getting more and more amazing and creepy with each episode. I look forward to next week too.


What is the review of “To Shining You”?

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"To you shining" review as much as you want

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