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"To you shining" review as much as you want


The magical woman Mahiro is in danger! Shumei's honey trap? Nobutaka's gaze! The winter in Echizen was hot!

“To Shining You #23 When the Snow Dances” Synopsis & Say Anything You Want This Week
Mahiro is suspected of being a honey trap and receives a love call from Nobutaka!

This week's duty is N-san. Like last week's M-san, something seems a bit off with the Echigo arc! I also thought the murder was a bit much! M-san wrote about it, but is it Tuesday suspense? Saturday me? Doesn't it seem like a 2-hour suspense show that's now a relic of the Showa era?



This week's 23rd episode, "When the Snow Dances," begins with the end of the murder case. My father, Tametoki, and Mahiro are in the office, and someone who knows the true incompetence has been picked up by Shumei. That alone made me feel pretty pale. I thought Mahiro would be working in Echizen, but suddenly he was listening carefully to the outline of the murder case. Such an idiot...



In reality, before Tametoki went to Echizen, he had a wife, and Murasaki Shikibu had an older sister, but when that sister also died, Murasaki Shikibu was the only woman left, and it seems she accompanied him under the pretext of taking care of his personal needs. She probably helped out in many ways, but I wonder if it was appropriate for her to just be there in his office...


Oh, by the way, the name of the slot where they did two-hour suspense movies was ``Tuesday Suspense Theater'' for Tue Suspense, and ``Saturday Wide Theater'' for Saturday Wai. This is trivia.

Start one-on-one Song language lessons with Zhou Ming!
Is the shocking development from the beginning of the broadcast happening again?



I want to learn the Song language, so I'm starting one-on-one lessons with Shu Ming. No matter how much he became an interpreter in the future, he taught lessons while taking a walk at the Kokushi's mansion or by the sea in Echizen. It is said that love is a shortcut to learning a language... Shumei learns that Mahiro has a relationship with Michinaga and plots to use that knowledge to influence the Song people so that they can trade with him! picture! Is that a honey trap? Is it now an international romance scam?



I've been impressed by the cleverness of the development of "To You, Shining" lately, but when the show first started, the outlandish plot and developments... Mahiro's mother gets killed, she works as a scrivener for an artist in the city... It's like I'm back to the time when I would scream in front of the TV, "That can't be!"



Matsushita Kohei is certainly a good-looking guy. His eyes are happy. But, I think the honey trap from the murder is a bit too much. The M-man fantasizes that Shumei will set up a honey trap for Mahiro, then he will fall in love with her, and in the end, he will die for some reason! That's probably what he's fantasizing about!


...I mean, all the men who loved Mahiro end up dying. She really is a devilish woman!

Nobutaka's gaze towards Mahiro changes
Even if you ask me to be your wife...!

Nobutaka suddenly came to Echizen. It seems that Nobutaka actually sent a letter of invitation to Murasaki Shikibu saying "Let's go see Chinese people." However, this was after he had started sending love calls to Murasaki Shikibu.


In the drama, Nobutaka's way of looking at Mahiro has changed since Mahiro and his friends were still in Kyoto. Her interest in Mahiro as a woman seemed to change as she was about as old as her father and son. This also felt a little sudden. I would have liked to see a little more of Nobutaka's background. His relationship with his wife, concubines, and children. I would have been able to understand Nobutaka's change if it had been part of the lines he's had so far.


Even though he declared to her on her way back, "Become my wife!"... Personally, I believe that she conceived during a rendezvous with Michinaga when she left Kyoto, and when this was discovered, she consulted Nobutaka and accepted his proposal, a conspiracy by Mahiro. We'll see what happens!

At that time, in Kyoto,
The tragic love between Emperor Ichijo and Sadako is progressing faintly and intensely.

Emperor Ichijo is still obsessed with Sadako. He wants to meet her somehow, but no one is willing to do anything for the emperor. Sadako is also pitiful. Her belly is getting bigger and she lives under the protection of the Takashina family, but she has no solid backing and lives a lonely life. Her only consolation is "The Pillow Book" written and sent to her by Sei Shonagon. I liked the part where it seems like the beautiful days of the past still remain in Sei Shonagon's heart. It made me tear up.



I think one of the achievements of "To You, the Shining One" is the visualization of the background of "The Pillow Book." Everyone knows about Sei Shonagon, but not much is known about the real Sadako. But this time, her glory and downfall are depicted so clearly, which is great. I feel like the appeal of "The Pillow Book" has increased.

Mahiro and Michinaga,
Even though we're apart, our relationship is still strong

Snow fell in Echizen, and also in the capital of Kyoto. It seemed that they were both thinking about each other. This time, when her sister, Fujiwara no Senko, asked her if there was someone she loved and desired passionately like Emperor Ichijo and Sadako, she finally revealed the existence of such a person. Although she doesn't know who it is, she has revealed that there is such a person apart from her two wives.


I'm sure Princess Rinko will inadvertently tell Rinko or Akiko! Akiko is scary because she's clingy, and Rinko is carefree, but there's a fear that you don't know what she's thinking inside. Both are scary!

From there on, things get hectic again! It's exciting!

What is the review of “To Shining You”?

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"To you shining" review as much as you want

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