"To you shining" review as much as you want


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"To you shining" review as much as you want


The Echizen arc is unreasonable no matter how you look at it. The violence of Shumei is also sudden. The only saving grace is the heartwarming Otomaru.

"To You, Shining #24 An Unforgettable Person" Synopsis & What I Want to Say This Week
I was so worried about how the Echizen arc would turn out.

This week's M-man is here. I was anxiously waiting for the 24th episode to start. I was anxious that it might go in a weirder direction than this. In conclusion, it wasn't the worst possible direction, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was off.

"I know when I'm hugged" - is that true?

Although the typical honey trap that N-san was worried about did not happen, when Shumei took the opportunity to embrace her, Mahiro said, "I know when I'm being hugged." I felt like interjecting, "Hey, Mahiro. It's true that the embrace at your rendezvous with Michinaga may have been one filled with true love, but are you really saying that based on just that experience?"


It's better than falling into a honey trap and going through a complicated (but actually cliché) development... But then suddenly, Shumei breaks a vase and threatens Mahiro. That development is also strange. It can't be true. If that's the case, why doesn't Mahiro tell the people around him that he was in danger?

Good job, Otomaru. Use that warmth to comfort Mahiro.

The murder and Shumei's existence are both a bit far-fetched in the Echizen arc. The only thing that warmed my heart was Otomaru's vague presence. Just like Akiyama Ryuji, who plays Sanesuke, Yabe Taro is an actor who "steals the atmosphere" even though he only appears for a short time. It was even more comforting after the brutal scenes.

The Echizen chapter is painful to watch. It would be better if they returned to the capital sooner.

In the next episode preview, Mahiro was on a boat, but will he return to Kyoto? I feel sorry for the people of Fukui who were waiting for him by building a facility related to the Taiga drama (piggybacking on it?), but I think it would be better for him to return now. If that happens, what about Shumei's presence? Will he follow her to the capital? That shouldn't happen, so will Matsushita Kohei fade out in the next episode?


Well, maybe he'll still be active. Because at the beginning, when the names of the performers are played along with the theme music, Matsushita Kohei is the last of the first group of actors. That means he's a high-ranking actor.


I wonder if they'll let such an actor fade out early, but that's just a little off topic. He stopped burning the paper with the Chinese he learned written on it.


Emperor Ichijo has become more dignified. He's so cool.

Meanwhile, in the capital, Emperor Ichijo has become more dignified. He scolds Michinaga. Wow, so cool. He also questions Michinaga about Takaie's shooting at Kazan-in. Michinaga himself complains that he was tricked by Nariyoshi. This part is well done. There is even a theory that Michinaga was involved in a plot to overthrow the Nakakanpaku family, so it would be bad if the drama didn't portray him as a third party.

Was Michinaga really a bit vague? His diary is said to have many typos and misspellings.

However, although we have learned in history that Michinaga was a man who was obsessed with power, it seems that he was also a little vague. That is, according to a book that M-man recently read, the diary that Michinaga left behind, "Mido Kanpakuki," has many mistakes and missing characters when copying waka poems. Furthermore, in diaries left behind by other people at the time, such as Sanesuke's "Koyuki," if a character is mistaken, it is normal to put a symbol indicating that the character is incorrect next to it and write the correct character next to it, but Michinaga would often write the correct character directly on top of the incorrect character. So people in later generations cannot understand what the character is, which makes researchers cry. When I learn this, Michinaga's slightly silly humanity in the drama seems like a good idea after all, and it makes me smile a little.

NHK, I understand that you are being aggressive, but please be a little softer.

Here is a word of criticism from NHK. When they summoned Lady Sadako to the Imperial Palace, they mentioned "Shikinomizoshi" as a suitable place, but I don't think it's clear from the narration that it is "located to the east of the Imperial Palace."


M-man wondered what "Shikinomizouji" was, and after reading an explanation by Yoshihiko Sata on the internet after the show aired, he found out it was "the palace office, where the empress and the palace often stayed, and was also used to avoid impurity." To begin with, I didn't even know the kanji for "Shikinomizouji." I wish they had explained it better in the conversation between Michinaga and Yukinari.

And one more complaint. Some people say that NHK is being "aggressive," but the scene in "Shoku Ososhi" between Emperor Ichijo and Lady Sadako was a difficult one for a masochist to watch, with their gestures and lighting. As I wrote before, NHK's taiga dramas are watched by families after dinner on Sundays, even by elementary school children who watch them with their parents. Can't they be a little softer? Please, NHK.

I hope Akiko will enter the Imperial Court soon and Mahiro will become Murasaki Shikibu.

After accepting Nobutaka's rather "cheesy" proposal of "I will take on everything about you," Mahiro and Nobutaka become husband and wife. However, since she has also received Nobutaka's promise that it's okay to have someone she "can't forget," she is allowed to meet with Michinaga even after she returns to the capital.


Lately, I've come to understand that M-men are the ones who, when the drama starts to slow down, show a brief rendezvous between Mahiro and Michinaga in that dilapidated mansion, and the drama picks up steam again. So, I'm sure we'll see that scene here and there from now on. I'm sure.

Sorry for the vulgar content of this "Say Whatever You Want" post. I hope that Akiko will soon enter the Imperial Court and that Mahiro will become Murasaki Shikibu.

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"To you shining" review as much as you want

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