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``Yumejuya'' A mysterious inn where you can play with books and relax in the hot springs in Yugawara, a place loved by the great literary figure.

From Tokyo Station, transfer to the Shinkansen and Tokaido Line and arrive at Yugawara Station in about an hour. Last fall, a long-established inn in Yugawara, where Japan's leading literary figures such as Natsume Soseki, Akutagawa Ryunosuke, Yosano Akiko, and Tanizaki Junichiro used to stay to write and recuperate, was renovated into a splendid ``Literary Hot Spring Inn.'' Revived. Its name is "Yume Juya". It was named after Natsume Soseki's collection of short stories, ``Juya Yume,'' which tells 1 mysterious stories.


A mysterious space with a Showa era atmosphere and pop nuances


The museum is filled with things that will take us to a dream world. The building is originally a tasteful early Showa era architecture. While retaining the atmosphere of a bygone inn, it has created a mysterious and pop-like space unlike anything you've seen before.


Each guest room has a different design, so you'll want to choose a room according to your preferences. There are 4 types of guest rooms, totaling 19 rooms, but the one thing they all have in common is that the main character is books. There is no television, but instead there are 100 books, a hammock, and a coffee grinder.


There are a variety of books in the guest rooms, including novels, essays, photo books, manga, and business books. You can skim through the book as your heart desires, or you can sit down and read one book at a time. You can just relax, be lazy, and play with a book while enjoying coffee that you have ground from your own beans.


301 301

Room 301 has a fun display that looks like a pile of books under the bed. There is unique furniture full of originality, such as tables and sofas that represent clouds.

209 209

Suite room 209. I sink into a sea of ​​cushions and read silently under the light of a lamp. On the other side of the black screen is the bed. UNSCAPE was in charge of the renovation of ``Yumejuya'', and Kimura Studio was in charge of the furniture and coordination, as well as the selection of books and other items.

Room 208 Room 208

Freedom to lie in bed and read randomly. Room 208 features a dramatic step. It's a space that will make you feel like you've rented out a book cafe.

A new attempt at a hot spring inn that no one has ever experienced before



One of the most unique public areas is the library ``Daydream,'' which is lined with approximately 300 books. What is placed here is not a sofa, but a bed. I read while lying down, and before I know it, I am far away from reality... The aim is for the guests to have such a dream-like time.


Books that exist randomly, regardless of genre. It's a strange coincidence that you can't help but come across a book that you wouldn't normally pick up. That is the aim of ``Yume Juya''.

Library Library

The library has about 300 books. I lay down on the bed and play with the book some more.

The restaurant ``Shoku'' is also very unique. The interior of the store is a space made of mirrors with book lamps pouring down from the ceiling, giving you the illusion of wandering into a dream world. The cuisine is authentic and offers innovative fusion by the executive chef who has cooking experience in France. Free refills of popovers and focaccia with sweet cream and maple syrup will satisfy both your stomach and soul.

candle candle

Sunset at the restaurant "Soku". The lights are reflected on the mirrors that are placed all over the place, giving it a suspicious sparkle.

dinner dinner

Light the steel wool and heat the meat and garnished vegetables. A beautiful presentation that shows the way the fire burns out.

A journey that creates new dreams in a dream-like story


Speaking of Yugawara, of course it's hot springs. Yumejuya has two large public baths where you can enjoy this famous hot spring. They are named ``Mei-yu'' and ``An-yu'' after Natsume Soseki's novel ``Mei-an,'' which is set in Yugawara. ``Akeyu'' is decorated with pastel tiles and bright stained glass, and there is also a cypress bench where you can lie down, making it a bath that will relax and brighten your mind. The dark bath, with its cool-colored stained glass windows, is close to the height of the river flowing outside the window, and the sound of the murmuring stream is soothing to the ears. In both cases, images are projected onto the walls, and the mysterious scenery seen in the steam takes you into a dream world.


Akeyu Akeyu

``Akeyu'' has a relaxing atmosphere with warm stained glass.

dark bath dark bath

The ``dark bath'' has a calming atmosphere, illuminated by cool colored stained glass.

Drifting in a time that can only be found in “Yume Juya”, which is nowhere to be found.


``Yume Shoten'', a shop that collects carefully selected gems, is a mysterious space based on the concept of ``bringing dreams home.'' The retro-looking store is filled with books and many souvenirs scattered about. We have carefully selected souvenirs such as handicrafts by local artists, Yugawara specialty juices and jams, delicious home-roasted coffee, and flavored popcorn.



Front and Yume Shoten Front and Yume Shoten

"Yume Shoten" is located next to the front desk. Our staff visits artists and shops around Yugawara and directly negotiates with them. We have been able to develop products that can only be found here. Photography by KENZO KOSUGE

“Yumejuya” is located on Yumoto Street, the birthplace of Yugawara. Inns built in the Meiji and Taisho eras are dotted around the narrow cobblestone alleys, and you can feel the footsteps of literary figures. If you go a little further, there are walking spots where you can enjoy nature such as Manyo Park and Fudo Falls. Although it has only been open for a short time, there are already repeat customers who come every month. In addition, many people say that one night is not enough, so they also offer multi-stay plans. If you stay for a few days and have a dream-like experience in nature with a book in hand, you are sure to gain some kind of insight as well as healing.

Ten Nights of Dreams

535 Miyakami, Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture


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