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Ginza beauty spot exploration (first part)


Visit the cosmetic brand flagship stores and beauty spots in Ginza

Gather in Ginza, a city that represents Japan
Flagship stores and salons of top beauty brands
Get to know the “experience” that can only be found there

Tokyo's Ginza is Japan's leading shopping district, home to world-famous fashion houses. Since the days when foreign brand products were respected as ``imported goods'', it has gained a reputation as a special place to shop for luxury goods. Now, it is also a rare place where flagship stores and salons of top beauty brands are gathered. It is not only a spot where you can easily access cosmetics, but also a ``place of beauty'' where you can experience each philosophy and philosophy. We toured Ginza's ``beauty spots'' with the theme of ``experiences'' that can only be found there.

While honing your beauty and sensitivity
Experience cutting-edge beauty theory
Art space unique to POLA

Even though it is called Ginza, the atmosphere is slightly different from Harumi Street. Ginza 2009-chome is not far from Kyobashi, Tokyo Station, and Nihonbashi. Ginza is also a business district, and there are many galleries scattered around, making it a calm area. Located near Ginza-itchome Station on the Yurakucho Line, there is a building that stands out with its design that looks like it stretches straight into the sky. POLA THE BEAUTY GINZA opened in XNUMX. The beautiful streamlined interior and the objects hanging from the ceiling that catch your eye when you step into the store were created by French designer Jean-Philippe Nuelle. The image represents the pure transparency and natural beauty of modern women. The store window displays change regularly to please the eyes of passersby. Art works linked to the ``Pola Museum Annex'' on the third floor are often exhibited.

Paula the Beauty Ginza exterior Paula the Beauty Ginza exterior

Conveniently located along Chuo-dori Street, right next to Ginza-itchome Station.

Inside Pola the Beauty Ginza Inside Pola the Beauty Ginza

The objects created by French designer Jean-Philippe Nuel are beautiful. The interior of the store has a high ceiling and objects that stand out. On the first floor, you can freely try out cosmetics and receive counseling and touch-ups from our beauty director.

When you enter the store, which has an art space unique to Pola, which owns an art museum, the first floor is lined with skin care lines that make full use of cutting-edge technology, and you can try them out as you like. ``White Shot LX'' and ``White Shot MX'', both of which contain the newly approved whitening active ingredient ``PCE-DP'' for the first time in 10 years, are also worth trying. You can also receive skin planning for the much-talked-about APEX, which introduces the industry's first skin analysis technology using video and AI technology, and selects recommended items from 862 million patterns. .

POLA “Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum” POLA “Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum”

POLA's Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum is a wrinkle-improving serum that has been extremely popular since its release.

"APEX" skin analysis "APEX" skin analysis

The personalized brand “APEX” was renewed in July. Analyzes "skin condition" and "skin potential" using our unique skin analysis technology. We offer recommended care tailored to each individual.

On the first basement floor, there is an ester room that offers a space that feels like a world away from the hustle and bustle of Ginza. The tranquility and spacious private rooms are luxurious, making it hard to believe that this place faces Chuo-dori. You can experience POLA's skin care and the outstanding techniques of estheticians. The menu offers a wide range of services, from facials to body care and bridal beauty treatments. ``POLA THE BEAUTY GINZA'' is a place where you can enjoy the charm of POLA in a space filled with cutting-edge skin research, a well-established esthetician, and art.

Pola basement aesthetic salon Pola basement aesthetic salon

Beauty salon booth on the first basement floor. You can relax both physically and mentally in a spacious private room. The popular course is BA Premium L (approximately 80 minutes) 12,420 yen (first time limited price)

Equipped with the latest skin analysis equipment
Sofina's beauty information base
Take time to really face your skin

With Ginza 120-chome behind you, walk toward the 3,000-chome intersection. Just by moving one block, the crowds were rapidly increasing. Especially when you get to the front of Ginza Matsuya, most of the people you pass are inbound tourists. When you turn right at Apple Store Ginza, you will see a futuristic glass building called SOFINA Beauty Power Station. It is positioned as an ``information dissemination center that brings together Kao's beauty knowledge,'' where you can receive professional skin analysis and skin care lessons. Of particular note is the ``Beauty Power Lesson'' (reservation required, XNUMX minutes, XNUMX yen) held at the personal lesson studio. Using state-of-the-art skin analysis equipment, eight items such as moisture, ceramides, texture, and transparency are analyzed in detail. Based on the results, he will give you one-on-one lectures on how to take care of your skin to bring out its effects.

sofina beauty power station sofina beauty power station

The interior of the store has a futuristic feel with white lighting.

Sofina Beauty Power Station Store Sofina Beauty Power Station Store

A private measurement room with state-of-the-art equipment and a sink for cleansing. After a lesson on cleansing methods that do not put stress on the skin, you will have your skin measured using five types of skin analysis equipment. People who have visited so far have said things like, ``It's equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and feels like a laboratory,'' and ``This is the first time I've had my skin analyzed in such a professional manner.''

Sofina skin analysis device Sofina skin analysis device

Check the condition of your skin in detail using a skin analysis device.

Sofina skin care lesson scene Sofina skin care lesson scene

A personal beauty expert will give you a detailed lecture on skin care procedures. You can experience the ideal way to touch your skin through lessons. After the skin care lesson, you can try out makeup using the cosmetics provided in the same private room.

You can also purchase Sofina products. You can also purchase Sofina products.

There is also a shop in Ginza where you can try Sofina products before purchasing. You can receive a quick skin check without making a reservation.

In skin care lessons, we use skin analysis to provide advice based on future skin predictions. There are also lectures on how much to use, how to apply, and personal methods to address skin concerns, giving you a bit of a salon feel. After getting in touch with their own skin for a good two hours, many people head out into the streets of Ginza. This is a spot where you can receive professional skin analysis and skin care lessons. Ginza is an indispensable spot when talking about beauty, from flagship stores to concept shops and the cosmetics departments of department stores that compete with each other. The exploration of beauty spots in Ginza continues.



(Paula the Beauty Ginza)
1-7-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business hours 11: 00-20: 00
*Reservations required for beauty salon and APEX



SOFINA Beauty Power Station
(Sofina Beauty Power Station)
12-XNUMX-XNUMX Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business hours 11: 00-20: 00

From Ginza 1-chome to Ginza 4-chome
Latest address of beauty spot


◆Astalift Ginza
Astalift's flagship shop opened in 2018. We have introduced a touch & try space where you can freely try out all Astalift series and supplement products, as well as a self-service skin diagnosis service where you can check your skin condition using a tablet device. There is also a salon where you can receive facial treatments.


◆Mikimoto Cosmetics Ginza
A directly managed store of Mikimoto Cosmetics. We also offer makeup services that include detailed counseling, skin analysis, and a beauty advisor who will teach you the makeup that will bring out your charm. The beauty salon, which uses all hands-on services, is also popular.


◆Ginza Matsuya
1st floor cosmetics floor
Over 30 cosmetic brands are available. There will also be a lineup of brands available only at Matsuya in the Ginza area, such as Itrin, Christian Louboutin Beauty, and Roger Gallet.


◆Ginza Mitsukoshi
B1F Ginza Cosmetics World
Covers over 40 cosmetic brands that are prominent in Ginza. We have a ``Ginza Beaute Concierge'' that helps you choose cosmetics, and a ``Total Cosmetics'' corner that sells natural cosmetics.



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Text by Mihoko Ishikawa
Photography by Ahlum Kim

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