Be beautiful in your own way. Shiseido's initiatives (Part 1)


Shiseido Life Quality Makeup evokes the courage to live through the power of makeup

Tokyo, Ginza 7-chome. The Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center is located here where Shiseido was founded. It is a place where everyone can discover their unique beauty through the power of makeup.


Shiseido enhances beauty through cosmetics and has always been at the forefront of current trends. It is also a company that has created culture through excellent visual expression. However, once you come here, you will understand that Shiseido's idea of ​​beauty is much more than that.


Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center aims to spread the power of makeup to people with congenital or acquired scars and bruises on their faces and bodies, as well as changes in appearance due to side effects of anti-cancer drugs. It is a place that has the role of


GhqBirth of Shiseido Spots Cover, made at the request of


Shiseido's involvement in dealing with people who have concerns about their appearance dates back to the post-war period. The impetus was the birth of a makeup product called Shiseido Spots Cover in 1956. Katsuko Yokoyama from the Diversity and Inclusion Office explained how this happened.


“Shiseido Spots Cover is a product that was developed after the war, based on a suggestion made to the Ministry of Health and Welfare by GHQ at the time.We created a product to cover people suffering from keloid skin caused by burns caused by the war. We started developing it with the idea of ​​covering burn scars and alleviating some of the psychological pain."


shiseido spots cover shiseido spots cover

Shiseido Spots Cover was created in 1956 for people suffering from keloid-like burn scars.

Ms. Katsuko Yokoyama from the Diversity and Inclusion Office Ms. Katsuko Yokoyama from the Diversity and Inclusion Office

Ms. Katsuko Yokoyama of Shiseido Diversity & Inclusion Office. The cornerstone of Life Quality Beauty Center. Through her various activities, she is working hard to get people to know more about her make-up, which enhances the quality of life.


In America at the time, make-up technology was advancing due to the rise of Hollywood and other movie industries, and it appears that there were already make-up products available for covers. In Japan, Shiseido took the lead in developing the Shiseido Spots Cover. The products were delivered to people in Japan who were suffering from keloid-like burn scars.


“Shiseido Spots Cover, which was introduced in 1956, continued to be sold for 1995 years until it was replaced by the successor product Perfect Cover in 39.It is important for a company to pursue profits, but customers who need Spots Cover Our attitude is to continue to deliver as long as there are people.'' Mr. Yokoyama said.


Birth of Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center
Burns, bruises, vitiligo, side effects of anticancer treatment, etc.
Determination to deliver the power of makeup to those who need it


After developing the Shiseido Spot Cover, Shiseido was often invited to teach how to use it at university hospitals around the country where it was involved in treating burns. While lecturing on makeup techniques to cover burn scars, I meet new patients suffering from bruises and vitiligo, as well as the doctors who treat them. People started asking me if there was something I could do to cover bruises and vitiligo with makeup, just like I could cover up burn scars. Additionally, in recent years, there has been an increase in the number of consultations regarding concerns such as hair loss and pigmentation of eyebrows and eyelashes due to the side effects of anti-cancer treatment.


"Shiseido Spots Cover" was born as a foundation to cover burn scars caused by war damage, but as time passes, it has become more popular as a foundation to care for people who suffer from birthmarks and vitiligo, and as the number of cancer survivors increases. The needs of people change and expand with the times, such as using makeup to treat changes in appearance due to the side effects of cancer drugs.


In response to such demands from society, a Shiseido employee approached the company and suggested that they needed a base to spread the word that cosmetic concerns can be covered with makeup. Shiseido is a company focused on dermatology. He expressed his desire to connect the knowledge gained from this experience to the future in various ways. And in 2006. Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center will open in Ginza, the birthplace of Shiseido.



coverage and naturalness
Make-up power enhanced by pursuing contradictory functions

Yasuko Sawada of the Diversity & Inclusion Office Empowerment Support Group is a member in charge of beauty technology for Shiseido Life Quality Makeup. Along with her outstanding make-up techniques, she continues to research her skills every day in order to address various concerns.


How to naturally smooth out the bumps on the skin from burn scars. Even though they are called bruises, they come in different tones such as red, blue, and brown. How do we cover that? They practice repeatedly using replicas made from the skin of the person who actually suffered burns and skin sheets that reproduce bruises.

Yasuko Sawada from the Diversity and Inclusion Office Yasuko Sawada from the Diversity and Inclusion Office

Yasuko Sawada of the Diversity and Inclusion Office. She has outstanding makeup skills and a caring ability that allows her to empathize with her patients. She says, ``I'm proud of the fact that I've been working closely with customers ever since I joined the company.I find this job rewarding.''She is the perfect child for this job.

After the war, people still thought that covering burn scars meant hiding them. If you apply it thickly, you can certainly cover it at that time. However, the difference between the skin that is not covered and the skin that is not covered will be obvious, and this will only emphasize the fact that it is covered. Mr. Sawada points out that with the passage of time, the awareness of covering has changed. "The quality of make-up that is required has changed, not just because it's hidden, but also because you want to look natural, and you want to keep it on for a long time so you can wear it all day long."


In 2017, the Perfect Cover Foundation MV will be released, inheriting the DNA of Shiseido Spots Cover. A foundation that combines coverage, long-lasting, and natural look. Mr. Sawada was deeply involved in this development, and it is said that he had many heated discussions with the researchers at the research institute in order to create the ideal product. Mr. Sawada sought both all-day coverage and natural look, features that would normally be incompatible. Above all, this was what patients in need wanted.

Shiseido Perfect Cover Foundation MV comes in 7 colors. Shiseido Perfect Cover Foundation MV comes in 7 colors.

Shiseido Perfect Cover Foundation MV comes in 7 colors. Naturally covers skin blueness, redness, brownness, dark spots, strong dullness, dark circles, and unevenness (acne marks, scars, burn marks, etc.) that are difficult to cover with regular foundation. 3,850 yen each, Perfect Cover Powder MV (Fitting) is a powder that enhances the fit. Makeup really doesn't come off. Demonstrates amazing holding power. 1 color with puff 3,850 yen (all tax included)

``Together with researchers from the institute, we decided to visit hospitals and listen to the voices of patients who needed a cover. I wanted them to know the joy." With the help of researchers at the research institute, the Perfect Cover Foundation MV is an ideal foundation that firmly and naturally covers burn marks, bruises, and even skin pigmented due to the side effects of anti-cancer drugs. Ta.


Mr. Sawada says. ``What this job requires is not only technical ability, but also responsiveness.We listen to what kind of cover they want and what concerns they have, and we help them solve their appearance concerns with makeup.'' Through this activity, I want to improve my technical skills and meet more people who need coverage.I hope to be able to use the power of makeup to help them smile in their own way."




Yasuko Sawada Yasuko Sawada

Shiseido Perfect Cover Foundation MV is a foundation that utilizes the properties of light. For example, in the case of red birthmarks, we applied the theory of light that red light reflects particularly strongly and appears red. By controlling the wavelength of light and allowing only the complementary color green to pass through, redness becomes less visible. If you apply your makeup in the morning, you won't have to worry about it fading until you get home. It provides reliable coverage that you can wear all day long without worrying about it.

Shiseido Life Quality If you want to know more about makeup or actually want to receive counseling, what should you do? We asked Mr. Yokoyama how he is communicating with people who need make-up, as the effects of the coronavirus continue to be felt.


"Right now, there are restrictions on face-to-face counseling and lectures to prevent coronavirus infections. To that end, we are putting more effort into communicating online.On the Shiseido Life Quality Makeup official website, you can find product information and actual Information on make-up methods is also available.You can also search for counseling stores.There are 455 stores nationwide from Hokkaido to Okinawa that offer counseling, and beauty therapists located all over the country provide counseling services to cancer patients. We are holding an online seminar for


"Beauty information for cancer patients" is also being disseminated. PDFs of the ``Beauty Book for Cancer Patients'' and ``Men's Beauty Book'' for male cancer survivors, e-magazines, and some videos are also posted to provide easy-to-understand explanations.



In addition, Shiseido Life Quality Makeup is currently being sold not only in Japan but also in countries and regions such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. In China, many people suffer from bruises and vitiligo, and Shiseido's efforts are attracting attention as they work together with dermatologists. In Taiwan, counseling is available at centers in Taipei and Kaohsiung, as well as at 52 specialty stores across Taiwan.


``We communicate regularly, strive to improve each other's technical skills, and pass on the techniques and spirit we have cultivated.We know that there are many people in Asia who are happy with the power of makeup. It's encouraging," Sawada said.

beauty book english version beauty book english version

We have created a booklet with how-to information so you can do it yourself. This is an English version of the beauty book.

There is also a booklet for men. There is also a booklet for men.

In response to requests from male cancer survivors, we have also prepared a ``Men's Beauty Book''.

Beauty is who you are
Makeup is a good guide on your inner journey to discover yourself.


Worrying about appearance is a cruel thing. When you meet someone with a different appearance from others, such as burns, bruises, or hair loss. Due to lack of knowledge about diseases and diseases, people tend to look at them even if they don't stare at them. For people who are concerned about their appearance, imagine how they are exposed to this intense and unexpected gaze on a daily basis.


What is painful is not only the sudden and unrestrained gaze of others. If it is an acquired condition, there is a struggle to accept the changed appearance. No matter how often patients are told that their hair loss and strong pigmentation due to the side effects of anti-cancer drugs will return to normal once treatment is over, the pain of having their appearance change as a result of fighting the disease is devastating for patients.


In times like these, makeup can help. Humans are social creatures. No matter what injuries or illnesses I have, I want to jump into society and find my place. I want to bounce back from such indiscreet glances and continue living. Having problems with your appearance is not just a matter of appearance, but a journey of the heart to deeply understand yourself and figure out how to live your life. Makeup is a good guide on that journey. A guide that leads you to your true self.


Becoming beautiful with makeup does not mean subscribing to lookism. Bring out the facial expressions that make you feel comfortable, love yourself, and gain confidence... The power of makeup to gently shine a light of hope into the hearts of people who are in the dark and bring out the courage and strength to live. It spreads from Shiseido Life's quality makeup.


Shiseido Life Quality Makeup remains active even during the coronavirus pandemic. In the second part, we will introduce the history of events held this summer to empower cancer survivors.

Photography by Hyemi Cho(amana)

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