Dinner 2021 Gohsan 7chefs in FukuokaDinner 2021 Gohsan 7chefs in Fukuoka



7 chefs sharing Japanese gastronomy


A one-night-only dinner party hosted by 7 star chefs “Goshan 2021 Gohsan 7chefs in Fukuoka”

``Florilege(Florerege)” Hiroyasu Kawate,“Den” Zai Hasegawa,La Cime(Raseem)” Yusuke Takada, “villa aida(Villa Aida)” Hiroshi Kobayashi, “Ode(Ode)” by Yusuke Ikui, “Denkushiflori” by Masaru Shimizu, “La Maison de la Nature Goh(La Maison de la Nature Gou)” Tsuyoshi Fukuyama.

On November 11st, the first large-scale event in Japan's gastronomy world in about two years, ``Goshan 1 Gohsan 2chefs in Fukuoka'' was held in Fukuoka. Seven chefs representing Japan gathered together. What they created on this day was a night full of warm light that gave hope to the food and beverage industry, which was hit hardest during these difficult days, and gave courage to the younger generation to move forward into the future.

Looking back on it later, it was a night that will probably be etched in the history of Japanese gastronomy. As soon as the unprecedented lineup of members was announced, the big news quickly spread on social media all over the world. “Florilege” Hiroyasu Kawate, “Den” Zaisuke Hasegawa,“La Cime” Yusuke Takada,“Villa Aida” Hiroshi Kobayashi, “Ode” by Yusuke Ikui, “Denkushiflori” by Masaru Shimizu, and his hometown of Fukuoka.“La Maison de la Nature Goh” Tsuyoshi Fukuyama. Seven people who are excited about Japan's gastronomy world will gather together and show off their skills.

La Maison de la Nature Gou Tsuyoshi Fukuyama La Maison de la Nature Gou Tsuyoshi Fukuyama

"La Maison de la Nature Goh(La Maison de la Nature Gou)” Tsuyoshi Fukuyama,2021Best Restaurant in Asia50'30Ranked "Michelin Guide Fukuoka"2019Awarded one star in 2017. He is a local hero in Fukuoka.

The initiator of the event is Fukuyama of ``La Maison de la Nature Gou''."Nishinakasu sun"Fukuyama, who is affectionately nicknamed by the people of Kyushu, has supported local producers and restaurants, mainly in Kyushu, and has contributed to the revitalization of local gastronomy in Japan. In addition, due to its geographical proximity to Fukuoka and easy access, it is especially popular and well-known in South Korea and Taiwan, where people often come and go. He is also working hard on international exchange in Asia with the theme of gastronomy.


``My life's work has always been to spread the word about cooking and food culture.As a chef, the most I can do is to make sure that our customers, who support us even under these circumstances, have fun.And we want to have fun too.Have a good time. "I thought, ``Is there a way to share this and bring some energy to the food and beverage industry, including young chefs and local chefs?'' I thought, so I called out to some of my friends," said Fukuyama, explaining the reason for holding the event. I say this.


7Each person expresses their individuality, and the menu was created with one heart just for this night.8This is the composition of the plate.

Seafood Hebesu Island chili pepper Coconut Sweet potato Seafood Hebesu Island chili pepper Coconut Sweet potato

"seafood Hebes island chili pepper coconut Sweet potato

A dish from Osaka-based Rasheem Takada's ceviche, made by lightly marinating Goto-grown rock bream in a marinade called "Tigers Milk," and garnished with yellow and black striped crackers. "La Cime(Raseem)” Yusuke Takada,2021Best Restaurant in Asia50'8Place,2021'World's Best Restaurants'50'762022 stars in the Michelin Guide Kyoto/Osaka + Wakayama XNUMX.

tomato cheese beef suguki tomato cheese beef suguki

"tomato cheese Suguki”

A dish with the theme of "fermentation" that combines French cheese and Japanese suguki to accompany the shabu-shabu of seasoned beef. It is a collaboration between Kawate of ``Florerege'' and Hasegawa of ``Den''."Anthology(Florilage)” Hiroyasu Kawate,2021Best Restaurant in Asia50'7Place,20212018 "World's Best Restaurant"39Michelin Guide Tokyo2022” Two stars. “Den” Zaisuke Hasegawa is2021Best Restaurant in Asia50'3Place,20212018 "World's Best Restaurant"11Michelin Guide Tokyo2022” has received two stars.

black soybean liver black fig black soybean liver black fig

"Black soybean" liver Black fig”

``La Maison de la Nature Gou'' is a light cake salad made with Chikuzen Kurodamaru black soybeans from Asakura District, Fukuoka Prefecture, where he is from, layered with black fig chutney, foie gras, and espresso-flavored tuile. ” Fukuyama's work.

Pumpkin Mirin lees pickled broom Citrus peel Egg yolk Pumpkin Mirin lees pickled broom Citrus peel Egg yolk

"pumpkin mirin lees pickles Hozuki citrus peel egg yolk"

Roasted chestnut pumpkin marinated in lemoncello and mirin is served with a mirin-based sauce with egg yolk added as a hidden flavor. The delicate and fleeting sweetness is typical of Villa Aida Kobayashi. "villa aida(Villa Aida)” Hiroshi Kobayashi,2021Best Restaurant in Asia50'64Ranked ``Michelin Guide Kyoto/Osaka + Wakayama2022” Awarded two stars and a “Green Star.”

Nodoguro Chrysanthemum Turmeric Nodoguro Chrysanthemum Turmeric

"Nodoguro" chrysanthemum turmeric"

``Ode'' is a dish where Namai's creativity shines, where seasonal fish and vegetables are wrapped in Danish pastry and grilled, then enjoyed freshly grilled with sauce.90It was difficult to provide freshly baked food to all the guests,7This was achieved with the help of another chef.

Wagyu Shinshin Wagyu Shinshin

"Wagyu Shinshin"

6``Denkushifurori'' Shimizu's whole meat is grilled on a stone plate for half an hour. Villa Aida's Kobayashi was in charge of the vegetable garnish, ``turnip and persimmon sour cream mustard,'' and Fukuyama of ``La Maison de la Nature Gou'' was in charge of the ``red wine sauce.''"Denkushiflori" Masashi Shimizu is "Michelin Guide Tokyo 2022"Earned one star.

Sakura shrimp rice with bisque Sakura shrimp rice with bisque

``Sakura shrimp rice Bisque-covered”

A collaboration menu between the two of them that combines "Den" Hasegawa's famous claypot rice (with plenty of sakura shrimp) with "Florerege" a rich bisque that takes advantage of Kawate's French techniques. The chopped mint topping adds an exotic flavor.

Island salt roll cake Akiou's sorbet Kombucha sabayon Island salt roll cake Akiou's sorbet Kombucha sabayon

``Island salt roll cake Autumn King's Sorbet Kombucha Sabayon”

Takada from ``Raseem'' made a roll cake made with salt from his hometown of Amami Oshima, Fukuyama from ``La Maison de la Nature Gou'' sorbet made from the Fukuoka brand persimmon ``Akio'', and kombucha (black tea). ``Ode'' Namai created the sauce for the mushrooms.3It's a collaboration between people.

Along with the food service, a live performance by flower artist Masaru Akai was held at the venue. Go around each table8Along with delicious food8By arranging different flower materials on the spot, the dessert is served and the flower art is completed at the same time.

Masaru Akai Flower Art Masaru Akai Flower Art

Flower art by flower artist Masaru Akai also excited the audience.

Behind the scenes of this event that greatly delighted gastronomy fans,7There was a stylish gesture by a human chef. About young chefs mainly in Kyushu40名を1He was invited to the kitchen as a day assistant and was able to demonstrate the world-class skills he had cultivated over the years.


For example, ``Denkushiflori'' Shimizu has created a shocking gastronomic beef using primitive cooking methods, using only the bare minimum tools that have been used since primitive times: stones, fire, and the five human senses. We have the technical ability to compete in the world without having a kitchen with the equipment.


Based on the motif of ``persimmon masu'', which is a common side dish in persimmon-producing areas, where persimmons are mixed with root vegetables such as daikon and turnips, we have created a gastronomy that will surprise everyone while keeping the basic ingredients. From the sublimated ``Villa Aida'', Kobayashi reveals the essence of the world trend of reconstructing the classics.


It must have had an immeasurable effect on how much the enthusiastic young people who volunteered to attend were inspired by the cutting-edge cuisine of the world-class star chefs they admired.

Takanori Nakamura Takanori Nakamura

A speech by Takanori Nakamura, who served as the navigator for this banquet.

The world's best restaurant ranking "World's Best Restaurants" was presented as a navigator at the banquet.50”Japan Council Chairman Takanori Nakamura says.


"Japan's restaurant culture is among the top in the world. By holding events like this, the food and beverage industry can be revitalized, the culture can be preserved, and it can be passed on to younger generations. Once the borders open, this will be important content for inbound tourism.This event has great significance in the sense that it communicates Japan's presence overseas."


As if proclaiming the beginning of a new era``Dinner2021 Gohsan 7chefs in Fukuoka”. I would like to watch and support their future activities as they held large-scale events with determination.



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Text by Shifumi Eto
Photography by Koji Maeda

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