The history and new challenges fostered by Senshu Towel


Senshu Towel: Creating products that are close to daily life with consideration for water.

Because towels are always around us, we never notice their background or origins. In order to dispel this situation, Senshu Towel, a traditional industry in Senshu, located in the southwest of Osaka, has begun to convey its unique commitment to Japan and the world. Introducing a new challenge that has taken us to the stage we are aiming for.

The unknown history of Japanese towels


Towels are always there in our daily lives: when we dry our hands after cooking in the kitchen, when we're wrapped in warmth in the bathroom, when we're soaking up sweat and tears at a park or stadium...towels are always right there in our daily lives. Since it is an item that everyone uses as a matter of course, there may not be many people who know where and when it was created in Japan.


Looking back at history, towels were first imported to Japan from England in 1872, in the early Meiji period. Fifteen years later, Enjiro Satoi developed a towel loom and succeeded in producing it in the Senshu area of ​​Osaka, which at the time was known as a production area for cotton textiles. This marked the birth of the first domestically produced towel. For over 15 years since then, Senshu Towel has evolved with the history of Japanese towels.


At its peak, there were nearly 700 towel manufacturers in the Senshu area.With the rise of cheap imported towels, there are now 80 companies. Even so, in the textile industry including apparel, where domestic products account for 2%,Even now, the domestic production ratio of towels exceeds 20%.It is clear from the numbers that everyone recognizes the quality of domestic towels because they are used every day.


Senshu towel Senshu towel

It's just the right thickness, easy to handle, and matches modern lifestyles.

The characteristics of Senshu towels are that they absorb well and dry well. Its origins lie in history and manufacturing methods.


The main feature of Senshu towels, which are the roots of Japanese towels, is the manufacturing method called ``Agozarashi.''


What is “sarashi”?This is the process of washing and bleaching cotton to remove oil and impurities.In the Sakizarashi method used in Imabari and other places,The material, raw silk, is first exposed once. After that, dye theFurthermore, to increase the strength of the threads and make them easier to weave, the threads are glued together before weaving. Finally, the woven fabric is washed, desized, and finished.


On the other hand, what Senshu Towel does isThe raw silk is glued as is, woven, and then exposed as a fabric.It is manufactured using the ``Agozarashi'' manufacturing method.The best thing about it is its high water absorption.Finally, the oil and impurities from the glue and cotton are thoroughly washed away, soHighly absorbent even after freshly grated.


Raw silk that has not been exposed isBecause natural oil remains and does not absorb water,Glue only sticks to the surface. Compared to Sakizarashi, the glue does not penetrate deep into the fabric, and the bleaching process only needs to be done once, reducing the amount of water used.Best of all, the cotton is bleached in the final step after weaving, which maximizes the water absorbency of the cotton, resulting in a soft texture.



``Japanese tenugui used in daily life were once widely produced in Senshu.Even though production has changed from tenugui to towels, we still aim to make products that are easy for everyone to use in everyday life.'' The person who gave it to me was Yasuyuki Konno, chairman of the Osaka Towel Industry Association. Therefore, instead of just looking for thickness, many towels are just the right thickness so that they are easy to handle when wringing them out, and they also dry easily without feeling heavy even when they contain water. The history of this area is the source of the style of Senshu towels that "absorbs well and dries well."

Senshu towel Senshu towel

The feature is that it dries easily even after washing. Stylish colors also make every day more enjoyable.

drink water well drink water well

It is easy to use because it absorbs water well, and it is convenient for storage because it is not bulky.

Senshu towel Senshu towel

Towels are something that families use every day. That's why I want to take a closer look.

Manufacturing goes hand in hand with the rich nature


An essential element for Senshu towels is abundant water. In fact, the process of manufacturing towels, including the process of exposing them, requires a large amount of water. Without a constant and abundant supply of clean water, production would be impossible. Fortunately, the Senshu region is blessed with an abundance of groundwater that originates from the Izumi Mountains, and this clean water that has continued to flow for 130 years continues to support Senshu towels.



Senshu towels, which are blessed with such blessings from nature, are also attracting attention for their SDGs concept. The backward manufacturing method requires fewer steps, so water and energy consumption can be reduced, and even the large amounts of water that are discharged are filtered to higher standards. Because we are aware of the importance of water, we always remember that we are in harmony with nature and manufacture products with the utmost consideration for the environment.

Sharing the idea of ​​protecting water and creating water to the world


A new project is currently underway to convey the unknown appeal of Senshu towels.Nishibori of Hiyoshiya Craft-labWith Kotaro as project producer and Akina Morita in charge of creative direction, Osaka in 2025In preparation for the Expo, the company aims to ``become a representative towel brand from Japan that is recognized in the global market.'' The first step in this project is the announcement of a new brand, ``Senshu Towel Living with Water,'' by 13 Senshu Towel manufacturers. This brand name reflects the characteristics of Senshu Towel, its manufacturing method, and its commitment to the environment.


``As the character ``Izumi'' in the brand logo expresses, water supports the production of solid white towels.Senshu Towel is a product that embodies the ideal form of towels, which are the most familiar part of people's lives. (Creative Director Morita)


With the backward manufacturing method, it is not possible to weave flashy patterns, but as Mr. Morita says, ``That's why we can see the true nature of the towel.'' The ``Living with Water Senshu Towel'' brand products are available in off-white, aqua. The four basic colors are , blue, and navy. The 4 cooperative member companies offer a diverse range of products, including handkerchief towels, hand towels, face towels, small bath towels, bath towels, and bath mats. All of the designs are simple and high-quality, with stitching based on colors inspired by water, and different threads woven into the weft to express the lightness of the colors.


We offer a variety of sizes never seen before, such as small bath towels that are easy to store and wash, and we have products that will fit into your daily life and make you want to keep using them. Pop-up shops will be held in various locations starting from mid-March, starting in Osaka. EC will also start on the Senshu Towel website.

Senshu towel Senshu towel

Available in four stylish brand colors: off-white, aqua, blue, and navy.

Senshu towel Senshu towel

Add color to the hem or enjoy accents.

Senshu towel brand logo Senshu towel brand logo

The brand logo of Senshu Towel, which lives with water.

``It's not fancy, but you only realize how comfortable it is when you use it in your daily life.I think that's what Senshu towels are all about.'' (Chairman Konno)


From the standpoint of supporting water source protection, the Osaka Towel Industry Association will make donations to the Japan Committee for UNICEF, a public interest incorporated foundation, and is also currently making donations to organizations that protect forests in Osaka Prefecture. We plan to donate 1 yen for each ``Senshu Towel'' brand name. Many people probably sympathize with the company's lack of consideration for the environment, both in name and reality.


Senshu towels continue to be a part of everyone's daily life, both in terms of manufacturing method and texture. That new beginning will begin this spring. We want you to experience the story of towels that protect and create water, woven deep within the comfort of our products.

Text by Yukiko Ushimaru

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