A Knife Made of Paper?! – Four Surprisingly Strong Paper Products


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A carry bag with plenty of room, and plenty of fun

Open the belt, and out folds this paper “PICNIC BOX”. While the joints are aluminium, the actual body itself is made of paper. Durable, and coated in waterproof paint, this box can stand up against some light rain or moisture with no problems. The design is also “breathable” to help it dry out just in case. You can carry it in your hand, or over your shoulder, making it the perfect picnic box for food, drink, and utensils.

This paper product is produced by Adachishiki Kyogo, a Niigata based company who have been making paper products since 1942. They combine the warmth and charm of traditional paper, with a surprising amount of strength.

Size: 400*280*200mmWeight: 2.6kg
Colour: Navy、Green、Craft / Materials: Reinforced paper, aluminium, plastic, nylon, leather / Price: 36,000 JPY (Tax Excl.)

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“Paper Made Paper Knife[black] “
Size: 179*35*4mm / Weight: Approx. 25g
Materials: Vulcanised fibre / Price: 3,800 JPY (Tax Excl.)

“Paper Made Flower Tube for one stem”
Size: 100*100*25mm (Glass tube: 12*120mm) / Weight: Approx. 250g / Price: 6,190 JPY (Tax Excl.)

Cutting paper with a paper knife?

Adachishiki Kyogo even make a knife made of paper. Fitting perfectly in your hand, this knife feels almost like one carved of ivory. Unlike a metal knife, the paper feels warm and comfortable to the touch.

This particular paper is called “vulcanised fibre”, and made of wood pulp and fibre. Since it combines the merits of many other materials, it has a wide range of uses. However, this is a totally new way of using it.
The glass flower tube holder also has a certain unique quality.


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