hare an Experience with the Emperor: Imperial Toilet Paper

Luxury in All Things: The Softest of Toilet Papers


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Softness like you’ve never experienced, where it’s needed

Gifts are tricky. They have to be both pleasing, yet surprising. There needs to be an element of flare, but also practicality. It is for precisely this reason that we recommend this high grade luxury collection of toilet papers entitled “Presentation Select Gold”, made by “Mochizuki Seishi (Mochizuki Papermakers)”. The “presentation” specifically refers to it having been presented to the imperial family.

You’ve likely never seen luxury toilet paper, and the same can probably be said of the person you gift it to. Think about it. Do you know anyone who doesn’t need toilet paper?

1703LIFE12_kenjoselect2 copy-min1703LIFE12_kenjoselect3 copy-minHeading up the range is the, perhaps slightly ironically named, “Beautiful wings” followed by the equally extravagant “rabbit”, “harmony”, and “Habutai” (double winged silk). Each has their own unique qualities and have 2 rolls included in the “Presentation Select Gold”. All types are made using pure pulp from North America, and underground water from the Niyodo river.

Their equipment is adjusted for variables such as temperature and humidity as they change day by day, meaning no day has the exact same method of production. In addition to this, the finest Tosa Washi paper is used to wrap them, and due care is taken with regards to the gold lattice pattern and other design appointments.


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