Tied Game: New Neckties from Giraffe Celebrate Homo Ludens



A playful approach to fashion

Necktie designers tend to play it safe, with solid colors, regimental stripes, or simple repeating patterns. That predictability, though, just makes it easier for the adventurous to stand out from the crowd with a more unique design.

Exhibit A: the necktie specialty store Giraffe. Their theme for the 2017 summer season is “Games,” with ties featuring everything from Sugoroku (a traditional Japanese board game similar to Snakes & Ladders) to Whack-a-Mole.

rd1700_1703LIFE11_giraffe2Giraffe have a unique way of categorizing their neckties: a “body heat” scale from 34°C through 40°C. Chic, understated designs have lower “temperatures,” while the more bold and daring designs cluster at the top. This summer’s “Games” collection is largely 38°C and up—strong fashion statements guaranteed to attract attention!


Of course, Giraffe offers more than just unique designs. Since their founding in 2006, they have made all of their neckties in Japan to exacting standards, using carefully selected materials and all the traditional techniques of the tiemaker.

1703LIFE11_giraffe4For example, Giraffe cut fabric at a 45 degree angle for greater strength. It might sound simple, but in fact it requires significant technique to pull off successfully.


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