Kitchen Cute: Nyammy - Cat Kitchen Goods

Kitchen Goods with a Cat Motif – Nyammy



In Japan, spring is considered the moving season. New students move into their dorms, and the previous generation graduate and go out into the world in search of work. As anyone who as ever started a new life knows, there are a variety of things you need, and perhaps an even greater variety of things you will forget that you need. Perhaps the most important area to pay attention to, is the kitchen.

Today we’re introducing something for all you movers (and perhaps the shakers) out there. The super cute kitchen goods series “Nyammy”.


There are 6 stylish yet cute cat-motif goods; the “cat-hat-cover included Cat peeler”, the “Cat slicer”, the “Cat Kitchen Scissors”, the “Cat fruit knife”, the “Cat-paw rice paddle”, and even the “Cat kitchen knife”. They’re handy tools that look so good you might want them just for decoration.

They’ve been designed for functionality, but also to give a homey feel for those who might be setting out on the journey of life, and will need to learn to cook along the way. Why not check out the “Nyammy” series?

■ “KaiHouse SELECT Nyammy Series”
Price range: From 400 – 2,200 JPY (Tax Excl.)
Where to buy: Supermarkets nationwide, large scale retailers, home centres, and the KAI online store