Matcha Mania: The popular Matcha Sweets Buffet gets a Redux

An Encore for Osaka’s Popular Matcha Sweets Buffet


The air is refreshing and yet thick with the pale pink of the cherry blossoms as they sway, sigh, and eventually fall. Today we’d like to introduce a dessert buffet to match the season.

Somehow insulated from the city bustle, yet still in central Osaka is the Hyatt Regency Osaka. Last year they held a popular, fully booked in fact, “Matcha Sweets Buffet”, and this year it has returned from the 1st of April. This year the “Matcha Mania – Redux” will display a wealth of green delights on weekends and holidays until the 27th of August.


The main table has a line up of such delights as Matcha Paris-brest, Matcha cheesecake, matcha chiffon cake, and Matcha macarons, etc., with new additions in the form of a “Mini-wagashi (Japanese confectionary) bar” and a “Live cooking corner”.

At the “Mini Wagashi Bar”, you can create your own matcha parfait with your preference of toppings, and at the “live cooking” you can see spring-only matcha creme created right before your eyes by the chef.


In addition, there is a sub-sandwich with a scent of basil, or a menu of dishes with just a hint of matcha flavouring. In way of drinks, there are 7 types of Japanese tea to compare, making for a true green tea buffet.

After filling up on sweets and snacks, you can enjoy a fragrant cup of tea in the sunbathed lobby lounge.



■”Matcha Mania – Redux”
Period: April 1st 2017 to August 27th (Only available on weekends and holidays), 12:00~16:00
Venue: Hyatt Regency Osaka 1F “Lobby Lounge”
Price: 3,900 JPY for adults, 1,950 JPY for children (Tax and service charge separate)
Content: Matcha Sweets Buffet, drinks (Select from an Uji-Tea set, coffee, tea)
Specials: Dress code discount (Down to 3,600 yen for those wearing green clothes or accessories
Phone: 06-6612-1234